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Bhuvan – India’s Satellite Mapping Tool

Bhuvan , a Satellite Mapping Tool released by Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) , a similar tool released by google as Google Earth . Bhuvan , it means Earth in Sanskrit.But the most interesting tool is its depth of data . It gives a lot of information about our own country.

Bhuvan - Satellite Image Mapping

Bhuvan - Satellite Image Mapping

The specialties of Bhuvan is gives details about

  • Multi-Resolution Terrain
  • Societal Applications
  • 3G geographical models
  • Seamless Flight throughs
  • Thematic vectors
  • Interactive 3D environment

Depth of Data

The depth of data it gives highlight of data about taluk,state and  national level data with names and related information’s.  Reports say that it provides a greater deal of detail in case of Bhuvan than Google Earth.

This level of detail may be useful for city planning and improvement .  Lets hope the government official use those to improve their cities/town. It shows a image range of  10m away. More news is the image will be updated every year unlike Google Earth where they fail to update and it provides an another feature of seeing the image according to date which is a cool feature provided by ISRO.

But to use these we have to register and download a plugin .

Register @ :  http://bhuvan2.nrsc.gov.in/Bhuvan/WebClient/PresentationLayer/WebClient/usr_reg.asp

The size is 11.3MB

Download Plugin @ :  http://bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in/bhuvan/webclient/PresentationLayer/WebClient/BhuvanSetup_1.0.exe

Bhuvan’s Danger

As we already know the terrorist attack has been more in our nation, does this Bhuvan provides more info to them. Does this really provide helpful info to the hands for the government officials or to the terrorist .

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