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Kaminey!!! dhan te naaa … te naa ..



Kaminey , a movie of the latest Bollywood . This movie’s story may be similar to those old gangster movie to deliver a mall(cocaine) from one gang to another . The full movie revolves around the guitar where the mall is hidden.

Charlie - with the Guitar

Charlie - with the Guitar

Shahid had delivered a great role in the movie by this realist art and action . Priyanka has played a role of a girl who loves Shahid and lot and can sacrifice anything for him, not even bothering of killing his own brother.

My Movie goes like this ::::::::

The first scene of the movie starts with the Tone which made the preview of the movie famous , yes you right Dhan ta ne… ta na … naaana…. . He goes behind catching up a guy on a railway track . The picturization of all the scenes in the movie comes in complete darkness . One can rarely get  a sight of a scene which is taken in a bright sunlight.

Guddu - in the initial song sequence

Guddu - in the initial song sequence

The plot of the movie is Shahid for the first time plays a dual role in a movie  . One is Charlie, who wants to become a king in the race of horses and he speaks good and guff . The other is Guddu , a polite guy who doesn’t talks much in the movie, but while he talks he makes such a comedy at times. He struggles to speak. Priyanka plays a role of a lover of guddu, whom she thinks she wants to marry a day suddenly and story changes after that day . On their marriage day, guddu says he is not ready to marry now and wants to become an employee and to earn for his pride , planning to marry after some 4-5 years after. On the same day Charlie gets away after killing a guy in a hotel and gets caught in a camera , after which police gets after him. But the worst part is beats two guys at the basement of car parking and gets away with their car from the hotel and later gets to know that the car is a police car .

Shahid as Charlie

Shahid as Charlie

After which is the day he finds the guitar and later finds the cocaine in it. Initially he thinks to leave it as it is , as they belong to a police car. But he takes in with him !!!!!!! That changed his later part of life as police thinks he is murderer of a guy in the hotel and gets a search for him , but the police gets in land with getting Guddu !!  He tries to explain he is not that guy and makes comedy in the police station with his way of dialogue and singing. Priyanka’s brother is a don and he searches for his missing sister and get to know that she got married and catches up Charlie wrongly. Then both the police and don plans to interchange the guys they caught, but it ends in a another way .

Kaminey - Guddu , Charlie

Kaminey - Guddu , Charlie

As the films moves on , Guddu wants the guitar in the case of getting his love , But Charlie plans to sell it to around 10 Lakhs.  Corrupt police wants the guitar back and some good police tries to catch them in a jumbo. Rest is the Climax where Guddu comes with the Guitar but as a spy of a police and police tracks a smuggler and wants to catch them….

This movie is a must watch movie . Shahid has shown his character a level up . Priyanka as usual rocking this year . A good movie by Vishual Bharadwaj and also good music.  Same line but a different Track.

My Rating : 4/5

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  1. Sabs
    August 27, 2009 at 11:15 AM

    kalaku machi nee!!!

  2. Sabs
    August 27, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    grtt!!!!!good work

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