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My Last Days @ Gurgaon …..

HI Friends,

I am going to narrate my story at gurgaon on the last night at Nalanda and the next day when I took my flight from Delhi to Bangalore. It was not an easy task. There were many things against me and made me these days remember through out  my LiFe. These were my thrilling days of my LiFe.

I guess it will make you laugh Balaraman, as you know the day we took the flight from Delhi, one of the unforgettable day of my LiFe too.

There were TWO Hurdles to cross this.
Continue to read if you are excited to know about it. Even-though it didn’t excite you, have a look at this, I guess you will surely love this.


September 30th

3.30pm :

I am having a cup of water to fill up my thirst. Suddenly a mam asked all of us to enter the class for an announcement. I thought  it was related to the result. So I hurried quickly to see what it may be. We all sat in the class with around 50 people from TH4 and TH5(Training Hall).

She was short and having a paper in her hand. I thought the paper contained the results of who all graduated from Nalanda. They used to say if one passes from Nalanda(Training centre of Aricent), they call it as graduated from Nalanda. But to the fact, She asked us to go to  the second floor to have some snacks, coke and cake. My heart felt back, as I thought it was about result.

This is the last day of September, I want it to be the last night for me at Gurgaon. This is the day my result is gonna be announced. It had two options , if I pass I will leave Gurgaon the next day or I have to stay here for another 2 weeks to pass all the subject that I have failed. It was so horrible to imagine if one couldn’t pass after that 2 weeks time. So my mind was worried and at the same time felt happy that if I pass I will leave Gurgaon. Yes I was happy to leave Gurgaon.

This is the worst city I believe I have ever lived, full of dust both in the morning and in the night and the worst thing is the temperature around almost 40+ . Here the sun wakes up at 5am and sets at 7pm.  I was wondering  why guys from IT company  chooses to opt this kind of temperature to bare where they work. At the end of the year, the temperature was just the opposite of it. One cannot move outside without a sweater. But one thing was sure about this city, if you are a civil engineer you have to visit this city at-least for once to see this big-big Beautiful buildings all around and the construction work. This may be one of the high tech cities of Modern India, but I prefer not be here. This city was once a village. People here will call Gurgaon as Gudgaaw, “gaaw” is a hindi meaning of village.


We all went to the  second floor where we had the project viva-voice yesterday morning. It was great and I know I did well. I was sure I will pass the project paper. As I came to 2nd floor, I could see the tense in each and every eye, all were awaiting for the result to come. But some who have already passed all the subject were the first in the queue to get the snacks and they are geeks. I was along with my friends and for sure at the last of the queue. We all ate the snacks and whatever we got,  moreover it was for free. So no one cared about how much they ate. Soon after finishing,  one after another left the place and I too was in no mood to stay there and we all left to the class at the ground floor.


Along with me was a full of South Indian guys namely Ashok-my college senior, Balaraman, Ramanan, Balajee and some more guys who were some good friends whom I have earned after coming here and to my opposite was full of North Indian guys. As all are sitting in the sit-out place outside our class. We were having a quite chat related to the results and all were pouring out their fears. One thing was common for all that we were worrying about the project marks too. As in the previous batch there were 3 batches who were asked to stay back and complete the project properly even though they have passed all the subjects. After some time the conversation was stopped and I looked at all the faces each one worrying about their own problem and no one was interested to chat any more. As I was good in Hindi, North guys were feeling easy to talk with me as compared to others to whom they have to try to talk in English with little difficulty. As I can sort out, North guys are good at speaking a lot and South Guys were good at thinking a lot.

“chalo andher chalege”, I said. As all started entering into the class again.


As previously said, the result was to be out at 5.30pm. We were waiting for the guy to come and announce the result. He was the Head of Nalanda, Aricent. He was a fat guy and to my knowledge he has worked here for the past 10 years. When he came in, all our hearts started to beat at a faster than normal.

“The result will be announced in another half an hour”, he said. As all were disappointed.
Some were disappointed b’cos they were some people who have to board the train that night, and some guys who had already passed, wanted to know the result of the project in addition as soon as possible. And there were people like me , who donno whether they will take the flight tomorrow or have to stay here for another pain taking 2 weeks.

“Dhan danne ne… ” , It was a song from Kaminey. It was my caller tune.
It was a call.
It was from dad.

“Hello dad”
“had the result came”, dad said,no matter how I was.
“no pa, still another half an hour”, I said.
“Oh why”, my dad said in a weak voice. He has to cancel the flight ticket if I haven’t passed today. This was the problem with my dad.
“I donno, they told it ll take time. I will call you when the result comes”, and I cut the phone.

I was in no mood to talk with dad as I was already frustrated with my performance here.  Ya , to pass from Nalanda, in more clear to get graduated from here, one has to get 75%.  Nalanda is a place where I was getting my training. They call this as a training school. The training here was fantastic, but I was not able to get good marks. I got just 65% with 4 papers gone. I have good knowledge of these C, Networks, Data Structures and OOM. Yet, these were the papers I got flunked. But I passed through Operating System, Programming Tools which I have never studied and C++ too.

I was trying to get any conversation that will make me to feel better. I Love to talk and talk. But it was not the day for me.  I tried to get to sleep, but i couldn’t. The fear made me to stay alive. For the fact, only one from my college in our batch got graduated even before writing any retest. Her name is  Buvaneshwari. A good friend that I have earned which I didn’t get even in my college days. We asked her a treat for it. She gave a dairy milk to all our guys, I still remember that.


One hour had gone, no one came to announce the result.  Again my cell was ringing. It was Dad again. It was the sixth call that evening from dad. Same question and same answers, ” NO result yet”.

I have almost lost my confidence that I will graduate from here. Even though I have done well in the retest, I was not sure of it. I thought I will round off to some 72% after passing all the subjects. I was thinking of the plans, how will I  face my parents. The most important, the hell two weeks time that I have to spend again in the rubbish city.


Still no one has come yet. My phone rang again. It was my ninth call from my dad that evening. I told dad not to call again.

Suddenly to my surprise, they came. The result was about to get announced. I had the same fear and excitement when I got placed in this company. I still remember that day. It was June 25th 2008.

June 25th 2008

After a long gap of one and half hours, the team from Aricent came with the results to announce who got placed. It was my 4th company, my 3rd interview i had attended. I got eliminated from CTS (even though I had interview with them twice) and Inautix interview and Infy which was a easy elimination from apti which I anticipated. HR guys from Aricent, started to announce the result. They told how many got placed, it was 22. I thought I still had a chance, as I had done exceptionally well in all apti, G.D and Interview. I still remember the lady who took my interview, she was beautiful. I liked the way she took my interview. It was a 2 hour interview for me. I wanted my name to be there in the list. To my anticipation, my name was announced and I got selected. But I didn’t heard it in the first go, I thought it was someone else. I was not seeing them who announced the result. I looked around to see who was it. Nobody stud up, As it was my name. They announced again. I was excited, I recognized it was me. I missed some heart beats. I was happy, Happy to a level that I cannot explain in words. I thanked the Lady who took my interview.

September 30th

There were some initial talks from the man who was about to announce the result. He told that he was not going to tell the names of the persons who got graduated. I was shocked and taken aback. He continued his speech.
” I am going to tell who didn’t graduate now from Nalanda” , he said.
The word ” now” meant very clear and clever. I tried to see all those from my class TH5, namely Sri Ramanan, Srinath, Vijay, Sunil, Yogita, Shwetha, Shailaja and Snehal. All where tense.
“As those didn’t graduate today, has to stay for 2 weeks”, he continued .

He started to announce but stopped suddenly and asked a girl sitting near by to announce the result.

” Sunil Kumar Solanki” , she told. I was shocked. He has passed in all except OOM and he was my class mate in TH5. Even though he failed in the first attempt. I was sure he will pass. I looked at him. He too was shocked.

“No No, not that”, Boobendra told. He was the head of Nalanda.

“Read names  from here”, he said.

” Ok”, she said and continued. I donno what he actually told her as I was sitting at the last bench corner of the class.

Some names were announced and they were asked to stand up. It was an em-brassing situation for them. I can imagine that.


Till now my name was not announced.
“And the last name is” , she said.

I prayed it should not be mine. She told some other name that I can hear it this time in one go. I was happy and I jumped to celebrate my success. I said to myself  ” I got graduated” . I dono what to do. I thought about dad.

Yes, first I have to tell them. I called Dad. He took the phone.

“Hi dad”, I said in a excited voice.
“Hello, what happen? Result came”, dad asked me in one go.

” Ya, I got graduated”, I said.
“what ? ” , dad asked me with a doubt.

” I mean I passed from here”, I said. I thought dad doesn’t know that we used to say we graduate from Nalanda.
“Oh, ok ok . congrats… beta”, dad said in more excited voice than mine. Whatever every dad used to be happy if his sons gets passed.


I went on to see the percentage I got here. I noted down the marks that I had got from a list. I got some marks with 90+ in 2 subjects. I rechecked whether those are my marks really. Yes it was. Finally, I put all the marks in the excel sheet which was used to calculate the percentage. As each subject had different weight-age, I used to calculate in the excel sheet. It resulted in some marks, which made my mouth to open from one-end of the ear to the other. It was 82%.  I rechecked whether I have typed the correct marks in the system. It was correct.  I was totally surprised by this fact. I wanted to tell it to some one. Buvaneshwari was standing next to me, I told her.  She was happy, I can see it from her eyes. I can read anything from a girls eye from my childhood, if I see her eyes for atleast 3 sec. This was one talent I had got from my childhood, I used it whenever I needed. She gave me a handshake. I congratulated her too. I went to tell to my project team, but I hesitated because two of them didn’t graduate today. So, I told about my result to Snehal and Shailaja, who got graduated. I met my class mates, Vijay, Srinath, Yogita and Sunil after that. They were happy too.

Towards all this happy moment, I was sad for the two from my class mates who didn’t graduate today. I was speechless with them. I felt it was not me. Later I saw the marks of them and had a short speech with them.

I went to meet Arul Sir. I was happy to tell him that I had graduated. He was our friend from the teaching side, as he was the only south Indian there in Nalanda.

Later I met Nainsi and Vimal. These two were previously in my class at TH5, but were later moved to TH9 as they were taking Java course. I said about my result to them. They congratulated me. I still remember the first day at Nalanda when I talked with her the whole day when she sat next to me. I talked with her for some minutes and asked her to be in contact and later I hugged Vimal and asked him to be in touch. I still remember him as a genius guy who can hang the server easily with his code. I said bye to both of them and left the room, but I searched for Gurpal, but I couldn’t see him that day.

I was happy that I was going to leave Gurgaon for ever. I was very happy that I am going to home(Bangalore). I wanted to celebrate that day the most possible. But I have to pack my clothes and other mess things to do at the room I stayed. So I left after telling good-byes to all and lot of other stuffs.


October 1st

My cell started ringing my alarm tone. I though didn’t slept well too. I got up as soon as heard the ring and switched on the light of the room where I lived in Gurgaon. I took my brush and I got strucked up whether to take bath at this time or not. It was too cold at the early morning.  The water was too cold and I had a heater to heat up the water. But I was not sure whether to take bath or not. I thought I can take bath after reaching Bangalore, but I was worried about the guy who sit next to me in the flight. So, no choice I took the bath.


My cell started ringing. It was from dad.
“Hi dad, Good morning”, I said.
“Hi da, Good morning”, dad said.
” So finally coming back to home ah ..”,dad said.
“Ya, I am eager to get away from here”, I said.

“Hey one more thing, the flight has been rescheduled half an hour back at 6.30am”, dad told.
“Oh is it. ok ok”, I said.

Later dad told me that he got a call from Spice Jet customer service that the flight has been rescheduled to 6.30am. Almost they have called everyone of the passenger to inform this important news.

I have already booked the car service from my company. It was about to arrive at 5.30am. It takes almost half an hour to reach the airport from my place. The Indira Gandhi Airport is located at 10km from my place. Though the traffic at the early morning is low, there is a Toll Gate that will take more time.


I called the driver to check whether he is on time. But it was switched off. I tried more than 20 times in 10min but it was the same. It was switched off. Balaraman and me booked the cab service. So I called to check whether he has any other number of the driver. But he doesn’t have it. We didn’t have any clue about the drivers whereabouts. Balaraman has to take a flight at 7am at the different flight. But the hurry was with me as I have to take the flight at 6.30am. Balaraman and Buvaneshwari booked at the same flight at 7am. We called her, she told the car for her is her place. We have asked the cab to arrive at our place at 4.45am. But still there was no news about him.


Later Buvaneshwari told us that there was a cab who was still there from the morning. She checked it was whether the  allocated car to us. Yes it was. The address given by the manager was wrongly read by the car driver and he took the wrong place and was staying there. Later she gave me the driver’s another number. I called him. I tried to speak with him in English. But whatever I told. The driver told only one thing.

“Bhaiya mujhe english patha nahi na”, the driver told.

I thought then how the hell can he read the address that I have mailed the cab yesterday. These guys are mad, I thought.

Then I told him the way to come to my place from where the driver was, totally in hindi. He understood somewhat.

5.45 am

Still the driver has not yet came. My flight was at 6.30am. Only 45min was remaining. My heart was pumping a very rapid rate. I waiting at the road. There was no street lights near me. I called again the driver, he told he reached DLF phase3 and was waiting there for 10min.DLF phase 3 was the area where I lived.  I asked him where he was waiting now. He told he was near Microsoft. This idiot driver has been waiting there for 10min without calling and informing me that he had reached there.

This made me to very anger situation at him and I controlled my bad words to myself and kept cool. Then, I asked him to take at left at RBS bank and come straight and take the 3rd left. He reached to my place after 5 min. I was holding my nerves, till the driver reached.

I took along with Balaraman in the car though it was a small car to take all the luggage inside. Balaraman was not happy though, but I asked him to make use to the space and sit wherever possible in the car. We took the car form there in an instant and left from there.


We where at  the Toll gate, and there were many cars waiting to pay the money. I told the driver to move fast as soon as possible and I told him that I have to take the flight at 6.30am. He said, ” ok ok “. May be this is the only word he knows in english, I think.


We reached the Airport as soon as possible as driver drove fast. I took all the luggage from the car. And I said two things to the driver.

” Thanks bhaiya”, I said.
“Ok ok”, the driver said.

“Panada paradesi keene” , I scolded him in tamil for coming late. I couldn’t control my emotions at that time. I was happy that he doesn’t know tamil.

The driver heard that very clear and asked me what it was . I again told him two things.

“Kuch nahi, mei ja raha hoon”, I said i am leaving in hindi.

” ok ok”, the driver said.

“velakannai nadari naye”, I again scolded him in tamil and left.

I said bye to Balaraman and left, as he had an different entry into the airport.


This was not the first time I am taking the flight. This was my second time. The previous one was the time when I took the flight from Bangalore to Delhi. Now I know each and every step that I have to take before entering the flight.

At the entry to the landside area of the airport, there was ticket checking. Two big-body policeman were standing there at the door with rifles in their hand at the security check. They asked my flight ticket. I took it from my laptop bag and showed them. They let me in. I checked the time. I still had only 20min to take off. There was something told that every passenger that, he/she has to arrive at the airport atleast one hour before, but I have arrived only before 20min. It was great to feel.

I directly pointed myself to the luggage counter. I searched for Spice Jet. It was very near and I was happy. I carried a laptop bag, a travelling suitcase and in totally 5 luggages. I kept the luggage at the weight machine. Each passenger is allowed to load about 20kg for free. But I had the very big luggage and it took to 29kg excluding my laptop and 2 bags. The girl at the counter asked me to pay for extra luggage and I have to pay Rs.700 for it .Though she took 2kg less for me. I thanked her for it and I left from there. I checked the time it was 6.14am.

Next security check was the luggage that I had to carry inside the airplane and also me. I kept the laptop and other 2 small bag on the basket. They asked me to keep the cell phone and purse too. It went under the infrared security check. One by one individual checking was there for each and every passenger travelling. They checked me too. I was clean, so they asked me to take my luggage. I took all the luggage in the basket including my purse and cell.


I was very fast in all those things so that I got sometime to breathe now. I went to the upstairs and there was full of shopping area. One can buy all kind of things from here like books, diamonds, ipods and other various things. I just looked around and I spotted a girl. For the fact I donno who is she. But I wanted to talk to her. She was beautiful in her jeans and shirt. She had a long hair up to 2inches down her waist floated freely. I admired her from a distance. For a second I thought i was in love with her. I couldn’t control myself from going towards her. I checked the time it was 6.20 am. Though my flight was to take off at 6.30am, I thought I had time 5 min , precious time with her.

She was looking a ring in a shop. Here the shops are all open. There were no doors or walls for each shop. I went and stood beside her. I looked at her ears. She had a cute earrings. She had a perfect face with two beautiful eyes and a romantic nose and pink colored seducing lips.  I thought why it doesn’t happen for all the girls. I answered to my own question as, ” Thats Nature”.

“Hi “, I said to her.

“Hi, Good morning”, she greeted me. I could be the happiest man on the earth at that time. I prayed that no one should come and stop me from talking to her now. I wanted the time to stop for the next one day.

“Ring”, I asked her.

“Ya , U ? “, she told.

“Na na”, i replied her.

“So”, she asked me. Though I was making a mess there , she looked happy. Maybe she needed a company to talk.

“Just wandering here and there”, I said.

“You may get caught by police if they suspect you if you do that”, she told and laughed at her own joke. I smiled a little. She was more beautiful than she was when she laughed.

“Oh,thanks for info”, I told her and I laughed.

“Then”, she asked me again.

I thought why girls never initiate a conversation, when boys really needed it. Though the North Indian girls are so fast compared to south , I was happy though now.

“You are beautiful and great”, I told her in a clear voice in Hindi.

The salesman at the shop started looking at both of us and he was confused whether he needs to stand there or not.

“Thanks”, she told me and made a wink. That wink made me to fall off. But I didn’t.

I could have told her my love at that wink but I was not sure of it. So I didn’t .

” Ok, I am moving bye bye”, I told her.

“Where ? “, she asked me in a commanding position which I could never leave without answering.

“Where else to take the flight only. I have to take the flight at 6.30am”, I replied. It was 6.20 am now.

She looked at her watch and told ” What ? 6.30? And she opened her mouth fully in shock.

“Ya ya”, I told her and left from there seeing her again and again by looking by turning back as she moved away from the shop to give me a clear view of her.  She was beautiful.

I saw happy after all those idiotic driver who made a mess in the morning. I had a small date with a girl whom I never know and never be able to know in the future.

She looked at me at such a shock and she was shaking her head. I saw her earrings from such a distance that was dancing to the tune of her head.  That was the last time I saw her.


I went down the other side where we can take the bus from the airside of the airport. I looked for Spice Jet, but it was not there. I asked a girl, who was dressed like a air hostess and standing there.

“where is spice jet”, i asked her.

“i dono, ask the spice jet workers”, she told and turned back.  She was working for Kingfisher Airlines.

Hell, that is what I am searching for and she told me to ask them itself. Superb!!!!. I thought.

I asked some guys who were standing there but nobody knows.

Later a old man, came next to me and asked whats the problem. He too was a passenger but in another flight.

“I want to know where is Spice jet”, I said to him .

“show your ticket”,he replied me. I showed it to him .

There was a counter number in my ticket where the Spice jet would be. He told me this and went away. The number was 7.

I was searching for the number and my time was decreasing. Worst case, i might miss the flight by being in the airport itself.

I would see the number from 8 to 12. But there was nothing like number 7 there. An announcement came. It was from Spice Jet.

“Last call for Spice jet SG and then they said the flight number” .

I checked it was my flight. I tried to see from where the voice came. But i couldn’t locate it.

Then finally I saw the number 7 which was actually behind the counter 8 and was hidden by the stairs. The number plate was also located at the low height which one couldn’t easily see.

“OH FUCK”, I said it in a loud voice in anger. That was the first time I have ever said that word in such a loud voice.

I heard a ‘Excuse me’, from a girl behind, but I didn’t care for it and some guys looked at me for that.

I showed my ticket at the counter and that guy instead told me you cannot take more than 2 bags inside.

I replied to him that I have only 2 bags and one laptop bag.

He told that two bags includes the laptop.

“Oh no”,I said.

Later he looked at the time and allowed to me proceed. Though both had no choice than this.

I went into the bus that will take me to the flight. I thought I would the lone person in the bus , but there where 10people.

I was happy though I am not only one who came late. To my surprise still 5 peoples came after me into the bus and the driver took off the bus to the plane.

I looked at the time, it was already 6.30am. I  was surprised.

Dad told me that the flight will take off at 6.30. But it didn’t. I asked a guy near by me about the time of the take off. He told me it was 6.40am.

Now, I got a call from dad after a long time though I had calls when i was in the car coming to the airport.  He asked me about all the matter and I told him. He also finally had a breathe  after I told him that I am now in the Spice Jet bus.

Later I got into the plane and it take off exactly at 6.40am. It was already hot outside.

I thought of the days from the first day here at Gurgaon and the last date i had at the airport. Everything I thought I will be going to miss it.

In the flight I tried to remember all the names of my class mates at TH5. But I couldn’t . It is one of toughest job for me to remember all the names of the class I studied. I had this problem from my school days. Even though I was in the same class in the college for 4 years, I couldn’t remember all those names at the college time, especially girls. I used to remember only those names to whom I have talked, others blank.

I tried to remember some of the happiest moments of my life in gurgaon during these days. Yes, there was one special day. My birthday. Actually I was not in gurgaon on my birthday. I was in TajMahal, Agra. Yes, I celebrated my birthday at the lovable place of the earth. Agra, the city of Love. I roamed and enjoyed at TajMahal that day. It was my third visit at TajMahal, but this day was special, as it was my birthday. Last time I came to TajMahal was some 14years back in 1995.

October 1st

Bangalore Airport

The temperature here was so cool after that hot session in Gurgaon. It started raining in a second I landed. I was so much happy for that.

I have taken all my luggage from the movable conveyor belt and I left outside to see my parents after a gap of 3 months. I thought I can recognize easily and I did.

Dad was waiting for me with my mom. I saw them from a long distance and I waved my hand.

“Is that senthil”, dad asked to mom.

” ya , i think so”, mom replied.

” No No , that is not him”, dad told to mom.

“No, its him only”, mom told to dad.

I came near to them at some extent my parents can see my face fully.

“Oh my God, its him”, dad told in a surprised voice.

“ya”, mom told.

“hello”, I told to them.

My parents were taken aback after seeing me. I had become very lean. Dad told me all those dialogues to me in the car while travelling to home.

But on the way to travel to my home, I faced my 3rd hurdle. Yes, My car tyre got punchered. Actually it had nothing regarding to with Hurdle, as I was already in Bangalore. Now, I don’t care whatever happens.

I was happy now as I have returned to my home town, Bangalore.


So, how was it guys. Was it good ?. I really need your comments as this is my first time I am writing about myself and my LiFe.

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  1. shweta
    August 30, 2014 at 12:56 PM

    Ya, it was really gud and inspiring too. After reading d first hurdle i olso got same feeling dat comes when xam result is about to come… :)

    August 7, 2014 at 4:13 PM


  3. Viswanath
    May 1, 2014 at 1:49 AM

    Senthil, you really impressed me. But the way you presented is not good. You could have done in better way. Try to narrate the points clearly then you defenetly expect growth in writing.

    • July 22, 2014 at 11:02 PM

      Thank you :) Will improve !!

  4. sameera
    February 24, 2014 at 7:16 PM

    lovely post…….intresting…..trying to figure out everything dat i am going to soon face in ARICENT training………. :)

    • July 22, 2014 at 11:03 PM

      Thank you Sameera. Hope you are having a good time now @ Nalanda. Sorry for the late response :)

  5. Garima
    October 6, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Enjoyed reading 2 days of your life. Can you please tell me to how to get into Nalanda??

    • July 22, 2014 at 11:04 PM

      Thanks Garima :) Ok, this is really late time to reply. You still need the info?

  6. akshay
    May 5, 2013 at 4:00 PM

    is it necessary to maintain the cut off the said at the time of recruitment ??

    • June 12, 2013 at 2:12 PM

      Yes. It was necessary during my time, but not sure about now.

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    lovely……cant jus skip a line.vry intrsti……..keep ritin

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      thanks thanks … well .. ur words means a lot to me ……. read all in a single go… thats awesome… thanks for that…

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    January 30, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    Dae… Unakaga… en thookatha vittutu un Story padichu irukaen.

    olunga treat vai da machan…

    GOOD one… it given me the pleasure of feel ur feelings… wht ever u said, to some extent happened to me also….

    ok da now time is 10.30Pm, 30.01.2010

    Take care..

    Wishing u all success in ur future…

    1 Charecter is missing? ur Sister….

    • January 30, 2010 at 10:36 PM

      ada paavingala… ethu ethuku treat keekurathunu .. oru .. ithu ve illa ma poochu … rite vidu

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  12. Gugan
    January 5, 2010 at 7:54 AM

    Dai mandaya, super da mama..it was very nice to read.
    Antha ponnu kita phone number vangi irukalam . ippa namalaku use aagum .
    Ur so lucky there because she didnt slap you .
    Keep on writing .

  13. nainsi maheshwari
    January 4, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    Seriously it’s nice blog…it was very interesting..when r u going to write another blog..I m waiting for new blog…keep on writing..

    • January 5, 2010 at 9:58 AM

      will soon be posting my new post . thanks.. for ur eagerness to wait for the next one..

  14. Akash jha
    January 4, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    thoughts nicely put into words.
    good work

  15. Narayanan
    January 3, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    A really good story …
    Kai vasam innoru tolil vachu irukka …. NE polachuppa da …

  16. Dhivya Mai
    December 31, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    Hey summa solla kudadu … supera iruku !!! Nee periya Writer aguraduku Yenode Vaalthukal!!! … Ana anda rana galatulayum … Oru ponode kadala potirukule… adhe tan paratanum !!!

    • January 5, 2010 at 10:00 AM

      thanks dhivya. let me see if ur wishes come true…

  17. Yogita
    December 28, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    hey really nice blog…i feel like keep on reading continuously…

  18. Ramanathan
    December 24, 2009 at 6:57 AM

    Hey machi.. superb da.

    wht a thrill.. chanceless..

    antha ranakalathulayum unaku kilukilupu ketkutha..?


    anyway nice to read da..

    Release ur nxt post soon:-)

  19. jaishankar
    December 23, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    hi da gr8 job

    waiting for ur next post

  20. Harish
    December 23, 2009 at 4:53 PM

    dude!! U resemble chetan bhagat. good one though. keep penning

  21. Sadhana.K
    December 23, 2009 at 2:52 PM

    Man senthil is dis u….!i couldnt b’live it…!i just luvd it re!!!!pretty interesting da!u could have asd tat gals name r sumtin n detail…nutsss!:)!

  22. badri
    December 23, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Dae goyala..kalaku machi..its a gd start..hope u would pick up more:)..

  23. December 22, 2009 at 7:09 AM

    And for all those who asked me personally what i have seen from her eyes, one thing you might have forgotten while reading, I have forgot to ask even her name.. in a hurry to leave… :( oops kya karru-u…

  24. Darpan
    December 22, 2009 at 6:45 AM

    Hey it was quite interesting one, much of the story matched with that of mine except the date and airport one, so was really in eager to keep on reading…..

    And that date thing really surprised me with hapiness, man u are really risk taker, what if u had a slap from her, as u were an ajnabee to her ???

    Anyways ur first blog created a eagerness to write a blog for myself. Thanks dude for sharing some of our common experiences to everyone….

    • SeNtHiL
      December 22, 2009 at 6:49 AM

      I donno what would have happened, even I may been handed over to police in the airport for that.. but she was a nice girl… I liked it …. I am eagerly waiting for ur blog now… come on ..darpan..

  25. Snehal
    December 22, 2009 at 6:19 AM

    Nice one Senthil….Hurdle1 created the whole picture of that day…I remembered that day… can’t forget the Last day @ Gurgaon….Good attempt…

  26. Bharath
    December 21, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    machi dae,

    chance illa super blog…
    romance thrill al fully loaded…
    nee manmathan prove panita…

    nee big dog da…
    u pesama direct movie da illa write some novel..

    • SeNtHiL
      December 22, 2009 at 6:51 AM

      Ha ha .. i ll think of it .. Later… thanks for all…

  27. Santhana mari
    December 21, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    really nice… I remembered my last days in gurgaon while reading….
    It is very thrilling especially your hurdle2…

  28. December 21, 2009 at 11:29 AM

    Nice story buddy, i suggest you to quit your current job and start writing books :D

    • SeNtHiL
      December 22, 2009 at 6:52 AM

      hey sag, i can’t do that… i need a job.. n starting books is diff than writing a blog… by the thanks for ur wishes..

  29. Buvana
    December 21, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    To put it in a sentence, I felt like reading an interesting novel(climax)…
    I think chetan bhagat’s style is there in your writing…
    I felt so..
    Obviously i liked hurdle2…

    • SeNtHiL
      December 22, 2009 at 6:59 AM

      Chetan’s flow might have been because i have been reading his all 4 novels in the last month .. in a single go .. and thanks for telling me that u felt this as a novel.. i am really happy .. :)

  30. December 20, 2009 at 2:57 PM

    Real Thrilling Story… I know most part of the story other than your ROMANCE with the stranger girl in airport.. I liked that part most!!

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