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My Chennai Trip

I always had some problem whenever I travel by train , and this is one more incident in my life. And this continues with my jolly days in Chennai .

24th December 2009


I reached home safely from the office . I opened the door of my home. I saw my mom sitting before my Laptop. It was an utter shock for me.

“What are you doing mom ?”,I said eagerly with anxiety to mom.
“Checking whether the ticket is confirmed is not”, mom replied.
“Ha ha, Mom great, you finally sat before my laptop and working in it”, I answered with joy!!

yes I have never seen my mom sitting before computer. This was the first time. I have seen my mom sitting before TV for 90% watching serials and 10% watching films & other interesting things.  I hate womens watching serials and feeling for the worst situation in the serial which makes them to feel bad, as though they are in the plot,Arggg!!!!

“So whats the status,Mom”, I asked.
“Its waiting list 1,2,3,4”,Mom replied and went to make dinner for the night.

“WOW!! Great , for the first time I have heard that I have waiting list at these numbers, usually my waiting list will be at some 80 or 90’s” or even 150’s.

Later mom gave me way to sit before my lap and I started chating as usual. Then a ping came from cricket@ibnalerts.com, showing me the current score of the match. OMG, I have forgotten the match today. I left my lap and shifted to see the match. It was a match b/w SL and INDIA, and as everyone does in INDIA, I too support for my country. I switched on the channel as they started the first ball of the second innings in the ODI. India were batting now to chase 316 to win.  And my favorite Sehwag and Sachin on opening . Let me come to the match later.


My sister came to home from Mysore. There it started the first fight on the day b/w us as she doesn’t like cricket and whereas I love it. She changed the channel, we fought for the remote and all that funny things happen in every house and I love to fight with my sister as it had been a long time since I have done like this. Formal ‘hi, how are you’ never happen b/w us as we doesn’t need that, as she was not only my sister, she was indeed a friend. I have never called her as akka(sister) FYI!!, only by her name.


Everybody was getting ready except me, as I was fully focused on seeing the match. Dad started telling me to get ready soon which I never care or I hear in one ear and leave it in the other. Both the openers were out and now Gambir n Kohli was making some good shots.


We had our dinner and left for the railway station. Still now the chart was not prepared. Our ticket has not confirmed yet, still on waiting list 1,2,3,4. The pnr status remained the same from evening 6pm. We reached railway station at 9.30pm.  We came to know that the trains are already 1hour late only after coming here. Still the train which was to be departured at 8.30pm was still on the same platform where our train will arrive. It went after some time and another train came after 10min. All these time I have looking the score of the match in my mobile,no other time pass. It was happy to see that both Gambir n Kohli got their century in the same over. India was on the way to victory.


No news on still the conformation of the ticket. Still on the same waiting list. With my father I went to ask the general enquiry at the railway station. The guy at the enquiry said ” No Idea”, they told that there is a problem in the chart server,so all the trains are delayed.

I asked them, atleast when will the chart be prepared for the 10.45pm train. The man was silence again. He had no clue to answer for it. Later he told ” what can I say, when I too donno that “.I gave him a weak smile.

Away from all these, one good news is India had successfully chased 316 and won the match. They have won the series too. It made me to smile atleast forgetting about the happening here..


Same status. Chart not prepared. the previous train which arrived is still in the same platform. It had not moved a inch. We again checked at the general enquiry with the same man. He gave the same reply . I thought its going to be a big night today. Why do always train goes late and comes late, whereas the flight is always preponed??? Only these weird things happen to me, I thought. My mind was starting to ask some questions to me , there started a fight between my mind and my heart!!

MIND    : what if the ticket is not confirmed ??
HEART : Please don’t think like that !!!

MIND    : Hey common, tell me what if it is not confirmed at all???
HEART :  See, the waiting list is 1,2,3,4. how come it doesn’t gets confirmed huh ???

MIND    : Point!!! But anything can happen na….
HEART : Shut up!!!

MIND    : he he !!!
HEART : Poda !!

My heart was filling with questions like what if really the train ticket is not confirmed. Being in the station for more than 1 hour was making me feel uneasy, since we donno whether the ticket will get confirm or not. Waiting for this much long time and going back to home is really a bad feeling, when the ticket is not confirmed. I just hoped the ticket would get confirm by what ever means !!!


Hmm, one might think , I told the train departure time at 10.45pm and yet I haven’t told you that we boarded the train. Its all because still the previous train hasn’t left yet. And more over the chart is still not prepared. We again did the same enquiry, he started to see me with anger, as this was the fifth time I am asking him. We also tried at the pnr status check there, no use.  Result was same, ” Chart not prepared”.


Finally train came along with the sad news. My ticket is not confirmed. It was still in waiting list 1,2,3,4 with chart being prepared. My Mind was right!!! He won this time ….. We later asked TTR for any way to get the ticket confirmed. He told only one thing, “I am sorry”. “Sorry”, now I am going to hate this word for the first time in my life. He told there is a problem with the chart server, so no extra coach is added and thats why many tickets are not confirmed ..

We had no way other than to leave home now. We decided to go and called the driver to come back. We planned to go by 2marow moring at 6.30 train, unreserved ticket. So we booked the ticket for the morning train.


25th december 2009.

We reached the station well before in time to get the seats in the unreserved coach. I thought, we will be the only peoples going in unreserved coach after booking A.C. 3 Tier tickets, which got canceled all because of the hell chat server.  What the hell!!!! *** the railways !!! Its all F-A-T-E.

During the journey of 6 hrs from Bangalore to Chennai, I did only one thing, Sleep!!! I slept and slept and slept. Ate nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I love to sleep, if i get a chance to sleep 24*7 , I will be the first in the queue. But my sleep was always disturbed by the favorite slogan of the Indian Railways, “CHAI, C-H-A-I”. I hate that.

Finally I reached Chennai at 12pm. One thing I really hate about Chennai is the climate. Damn Hot Chennai, Yuk!! I hate this climate. Hello Bangalore, I love you.

I just came along with my family, while I had no idea coming over to Chennai. But after coming here, I decided one thing. Leave all alone  and step into the 3idiots movie. That was all in my mind.

To say all the three days, I was almost in LKS gold house and in Saravana Stores, what can one rather think after coming to Chennai just for j-o-l-l-y with the family. They where busy in buying while I was busy in looking around for any good things, you know what I am telling.

I couldn’t tolerate the boring day with my family, so booked the ticket for the movie the next day. By the way I am not going with my family, but going with my close, dearest stupid idiot guy named Sid. Yes, he is like the same way what I have mentioned. He rarely cares about the life like me . For this stupid reason, we got close together. We reached the theater 5 mins late.. by the way …. I am watching 3 Idiots, the night show !!! We just laughed and laughed the whole 2 n 1/2 hrs in the theater . One thing my mind thought when I started seeing the movie… “1000 idiots watching 3 idiots” ….. he he :P

Later the next day I got a call from some landline at early morning 6.30.. I thought who the hell is disturbing me at this time.. I took the phone..

Me : Hello!! with a yawn ….

Caller: hello..

Me : Who is this ???

Caller : Is Sid there ????

Me : wat ????

It took away my sleep and I got to know who is calling me at this time.. The caller is none other than Sid’s father. My heart was pumping more than normal. I was worried, as it made me to think that he hasn’t reached home yet. Hasn’t he reached home safely after leaving the theatre. OMG !! what the hell !! Where is he now ??? I checked for any call or messages from him. But there was none !!!

Caller : He hasn’t came yet, beta !!

Me : But he left yesterday night itself to home ..  sir. he .. , i was interrupted by his dad ..

Caller : He was with you only na ???

Me : yes, uncle . We just roamed here and there in T.Nagar .. (not wanting to get him into any trouble, who knows has he said to his family that he came with me to see the movie) and he left at 9pm..

Caller : But he hasn’t came yet … thats y i am asking you !!! , he was more worried which made me to feel a bit ..

I already told you na, we rarely care about the life and this is one example for that.. He hasn’t informed me anything about his whereabouts also ….

Me : uncle, I donno .  He left yesterday night itself from here .. but …. , i was just blushing out again n again by telling the same …

Caller : But what ????

Me : nothing uncle, i am just shocked … that you are telling me he hasn’t came yet …

Caller : hmm . ok fine beta …

He kept the phone after that … I looked at mom … my mom was also worried.. It was all my fault.. I wanted to go to the movie and now I have made him into trouble ..

I tried to call his mobile, it was ringing and ringing with no reply!!! My worry was increased to some level, when I tot did any accident took place. OMG .. no no .. nothing like that .. shit all my ***. I messaged him again and again, called him but with no reply .. Time by time, i was too worried. where the hell is he ???? shit can;t he call from anywhere and just inform his family …

Later at 11 am, i got a sms from him… I was eager to know who is that … whether any one messaged to me from his number telling me about his whereabouts or he himself is messaging me …

Sid : hi da, good morning .. wat doing ???? wats the plan for today !!! u called me ??

What the F** is that .. here i am worrying about his whereabouts and he is coolly messaging me “wats the plan ???”  I had no other idea than calling him..

Me : de, where are you ???

Sid : At home ..

Me : wat ????

Sid : y ??what happen ??

Me : when did you came to home ??

Sid : yesterday night !! so why are you so nervous for that ??

I was totally blank.. whats happening here . His father is telling me he hasn’t reached home. this bloody is telling me he is at home ..

Me : really ??? I mean your dad called me this morning and was asking you??

Sid : hey, actually I am sorry !!

Me : for what ?? now i was thinking is he gonna put me under any other problem !!!

Sid : Actually i reached home at 2.30 am ..

Me : kya ???? 2.30 am .. where the hell did u go … now i was totally cool, that he has done some comedy somewhere !! So i was waiting for his replies ….

Sid : U know na, my home is on the way to pondy !!  but ????

Me : but what buddy ?? what did u do ???? I was in total control now, feeling relax that he is alive !!!

Sid : I slept !!!! Slept in the bus !!!

Me : I was laughing uncontrollably!!! :P  Seriously I wasn’t able to control my feelings and told it my mom and dad, they instead started laughing too … . great dude … mast hai !!!

Sid :  I woked up when I was about to reach pondy !!! I asked the conductor, he told me this … instantly I got down from the bus and took a lift in a cab n reached home at 2.30am da… , he finished without a breath

Me : Ofo !!!  U r bloody stupid idiot da !!! leave that . tell me why did ur dad told me that u didn’t reached home … ?????

Sid : He wanted to know, where I was really !!! dad told me, he called you !!!

Me : Damn !! By the way this is too much da !!!

Sid : leave it da !! so wats the plan today ????

Me : when i called you , why didn’t u picked up ??

Sid : it was in silent mode da !!!

Me : poda pannada. saniyane !!! you know how much I got frightened ???

Sid : ok ok sorry .. leave it I said !! by the way, …  (he stopped … )

Me : wat ???

Sid :  Nothing da !! wat did u told to my dad ??? did u told that we went to movie ????

Me : no, i just said we were roaming here n there …. y any probs ??

Sid : thanks da, u saved me … I too told the same .. if u have told we went to movie I am dead !!!

Me : ha ha :D cha .. just missed .. !!!!


After 3 days at chennai, we where packing to leave and had the train at night at 9.30pm.  It just got me the doubt of whether atleast the return must have been confirmed or not…

I asked dad, ” Is the ticket confirmed ?? ”

Dad looked at me n told ” you donno ?? ”

I didnt get what he actually meant, whether it is confirmed or not ?? So I asked again …

His reply just shocked me …. the reply was ” it’s at waiting list 1,2,3,4″ ….

“Wat ????” , i said with outburst of my emotion. …

” Lets hope, it confirms atleast today”, dad replied me

” hmm , very fine !!! any alternative plan ??? “, I asked.

” not yet “, he said coolly … I like this attitude from my dad ….

Later finally the tickets got confirmed at 9.15pm… And we happily left from Chennai!!!!  It also includes the same fight between my mind and heart, but this time my heart wins !!!!!

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  1. Sadhana
    May 6, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    Hey so cool…epdi ipdi oru writer anna?Love d style…
    Keep rockin!

    • May 6, 2010 at 11:29 AM

      thank you dear for the comments and for loving the style !!!
      writer ah ?? hmm thanks a lot..

  2. shruthi.........
    March 6, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    was smilin:)til d last line………ur way f expresin is impresive ws nt able 2 tak mi eye out f d flat screen moment …….vry nic….i lovd ur caption ///1000 idiots watching 3 idiots” ….. he he ///very nice……

    • March 6, 2010 at 5:45 PM

      hmmm .. i am happy tat my life can make someone happy too ….thanks..
      u said my expression is impressive… hey thanks a lot .. paru …

  3. nainsi maheshwari
    February 2, 2010 at 12:09 PM

    nice thinking …Is it really happen with u ?

    • February 2, 2010 at 12:20 PM

      every detail .. what happened to me, i wrote there !!! no imaginations in it !!!

  4. manoj
    January 31, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    sid said abt the movie with u..
    but din tell abt this mater..
    really great na…
    waitin for the next one…. :)

  5. Akash
    January 31, 2010 at 3:52 PM

    I like the conversation b/w mind and heart.
    Good work there…U kept the suspense moving nicely..
    Cheers !!!

  6. January 31, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Superb experience!!
    I liked the fight between mind and heart!! Good thinking!!
    And about Railways??!!!! Same ***** opinion here!!
    Atleast for chennai, there wont be much problem. Think of madurai!!!!

    • January 31, 2010 at 4:22 PM

      thats some what complicated with the railways da.. don’t open my mouth !!! i have suffered a lot with them !!

  7. Meenakshi
    January 31, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    hey good one again buddy…..looking forward 4 more

  8. Nagarjuna Thottempudi
    January 31, 2010 at 11:24 AM

    As Quentin tarantino puts chapters in his movies, you are putting time stamps in ur blogs…continue..nice one

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