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An Aussie Issue !!!

As you all know the Aussie Issue, presently going on between INDIA and Australia.. I have just made it into my story of Indian politicians handling it…!! Well hope you all enjoy it….

This is going to be some what longer. So better be fresh and ready to read this story in a single flow.


In Australia ::::

Sydney morning, well know city for its richness and its beautiful climate and scenery is being polluted today morning by the breaking news of another Indian being killed yesterday night. The Headlines of the paper of “The Sydney Morning Herald” , hit with the papers like “Another Indian felled prey to the ugly local citizens of our country” ….

The reports are underway and police is waiting for the results. The police have reported to the news papers like ‘It looks like a cold-blooded murder’. It has been well executed by those criminals. “His body has been beaten by an iron rod and they have hung his head later and thrown away his body in the center of the road by some hidden car number“, said by some eye-witness when they saw the body being thrown away in the road. This is so much insulting to the country and the people.

“Do you have any reasons why this hell is happening in our country”, the police officer questions to the news reporter.

The reporters are shocked to hear a question like that to them. Well, their purpose is to ask question to others and when it reverses it is striking at every corner to them. The reporters remain silent, as they were unaware of why such cruel incidents happening here.  After some time the police officer Mr. Steve, left the place.

The reports have come out and they said like “the person was made to drink a lot and was drugged and beaten up, while they tried to kill him”. I am sorry he is no more, said the doctor.

In India :::::

Almost all the news channels, papers, politicians and public are protesting against all the evil activities happening in Australia. All the public voices are “Why the Indians are still there???” ….

News Channel shows the family of the poor guy who was killed and the PM has announced that one more incident like this will break the India-Australia tie and relationship. North to South everywhere in the country, the hot topic has become the recent incident happened in Australia. The murder was very cruel and it became an international issue, where every country’s top newspaper has made it as the front paper news.

Every Citizen in the country is sad about such a young guy of age 25 being killed like this. Almost every parent might have decided his son/daughter against if their future is in Australia for studies.

Politician voices have risen a lot after those incidents have been common news.

In Australia ::::

PM: I consider this as one of the cruel incidents that has happened in our country in this era. I am really sorry for what has happened to that young guy. I will make further actions that it will not happen in the future.

In India ::::

The suffered family goes to the court and asks for the justice. The court has asked the Australian High court to soon find the criminals who has done this horror to a young guy.

Meanwhile the Politicians are raising their voice for this and one statement by a politician shakes the country. He was from Tamil Nadu, working as an MLA. His statement to the reporters has made a huge blow to the relationship between the two nations.

Find the guy who has done all such evil, I am not telling about only the recent incident I am speaking about all the incidents happened till date. They have to find all those criminals, and their punishment should not be like death sentence or life time imprisonment. They have to work as a  servant to the family of those who lost their lovable ones till their lifetime” , the minister from TN told it to the reporters and he continued ” They should be made to work all the works of the home, and this should be the punishment for the sin they have done“…

Hearing this even PM of India was shocked and has asked the news not to be let away from India. But sooner or later the news reached Australia and they raised their voices for such a disrespect of their citizens.

In Australia :::

PM: I never expected such a situation from India. We are not the slaves of their country. We can’t give safety for each n every citizens of our country. Sometimes they have to take care of their own. But those statements really hurt our people a lot. We need an apology for this from the person who told this.  We are really hurt. Once again I say we cannot make our citizens the slave of other country.

This was expressed by the PM to all the newspapers and the news reached India too.  PM was too much depressed by the situation it has created by their own people.

“What makes them to do this, I mean our citizens to attack Indians”, PM asks to his secretary.

“Sir, there may be a lot”, he replied back.

“Like what????” PM was nearly begging to get any clue for those attacks..

“Like it may be because of racists, may be because of the bad character of Indians and ….”, he stopped telling….

“Then what why are you stopping here, go on …, more over Indians are all over the world, there may be no country without Indians these days. Every country any where there are Indians… and this is the report for that (he shows him a report) “, PM responded and he continues” but have we seen such incidents in any other country? ‘NO’ it’s only in our country and we are spoiling our culture here. And then what was your next point. Tell now…”

“Unemployment Sir, this may also be another reason”, the secretary concluded.

“What????” PM was shocked…

“Yes, Sir… Unemployment… may be they fear that the work for any Australian is being grabbed by an Indian. And to avoid that they may turn violent I guess”

“Oh my God. No this should not be a problem. If this is a problem, we cannot have solution for this now”, PM replied sadly.

“Yes, Sir there is nothing in our hands, if this is the main reason for the attack against Indians”.

In India ::::

An urgent meeting has been set up by PM with the MLA who has done the further damage to the relationship between the two countries.  As the meeting started, PM started greeting well the MLA and talks goes slowly and PM wants him to apologize for the statement he has made.  MLA doesn’t even bother to answer to the PM and asks for the reporters to be here for a quick meeting. PM doesn’t care for his words, but first wants him to make sure he apologizes for the mistake. But the MLA is in of no way to hear it and demands for the meeting now with the reporters. He also asks PM to join him.

Soon after 10min, all the news reporters from all the channels gather along with PM and MLA.

“What do you think of my statement”, MLA asks to the reporters.

There has been as full voice of anger and voices against the statement and not even a single voice supporting him. PM remains silent all these time.

“So well, I can see from your responses that you have forgotten one basic thing about life”, MLA replies.

There has been a hush of sounds and confusion around the meeting and PM looks to be quite confused. PM insists to MLA that you don’t make any other statement and create a problem again. MLA makes a small smile and returns his face to the reporters.

“Well friends”, he starts and continues” who is an Indian???”…

The same sounds and confusion starts and the reporters are getting into a state of anger with this guy. And finally asks him tell us what for have you called us here.

“Well let me tell you then … Eye for an eye is never a solution for any war. Love, if it is showed to any person, we can change them. Ultimately we can change them as a human being. And when I said that, those criminals who were responsible for killing our citizens in Australia, have to work as a servant to the family of those who have lost their lovable ones, I mean even a single kind of affection from that family to the criminal will change his mind set once for all, and he will realize his mistake. I am not willing them to get punishment, I wanted to teach them a lesson, what an Indian can do in favor of..  This is what Gandhiji has called as Non-Violence. I wanted them to work as a servant here because only then they will realize their mistake, hanging him or giving life-time imprisonment doesn’t make a human being though. I guess you are with me now???? “, he finished his speech.

There was utter silence from the reporters. Even the PM was in deep shock. Finally they broke the silence and every one including PM started clapping hands for the extra-ordinary speech by this MLA.

This speech has become the lime-light of the news and well to the other end of the world in Australia too.

In Australia::::

Every Australians is moved by the speech given by an Indian MLA and realizing their mistake now. The PM has called for a meeting.

“The faith and belief one had with India is once again proved to right. They have proved it that it is a land where Gandhiji was born. I am really sorry for what I have said before in my previous meeting. And soon the criminals will be arrested. If the criminals who have heard what Indian MLA has said, I guess being an Aussie, he would have realized his mistake by now and can surrender”, PM finished.



Well many may have different opinions with what I have said. Pour out your views as comments below… let us have a talk. I too was seriously sad with those happenings in Australia. That made me to write this…. Well if any Australian reads this, I am sorry if I have hurt you!!!

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  1. Sadhana
    May 6, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    Gud one…really thoughtfull of u da!

  2. Abhishek
    May 2, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    Its a very good topic to write about!!
    well explained!!
    wrote d full truth….i feel INDIANs must not go der!! dey shud search job here !!
    again dis zz also difficult!!
    hope dis issue closes down soon!!

    • May 2, 2010 at 4:02 PM

      yup Abhi , me too want the same ……
      aussies must change ..!!!

  3. shruthi.........
    March 7, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    ur judgmnt was d best…………”Another Indian felled prey to the ugly local citizens of our country” ….”headin .ur thinkin f expresin dis line is gd……….

    • March 7, 2010 at 6:46 PM

      oh … thats cool .. u liked it … thnks .. for d comment … :)

  4. February 22, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    Good post… Shows your variety!
    This is more than a story and I liked the judgment for such incidents rather than reason for such incidents…
    Write more on such social issues!!!

    • February 22, 2010 at 11:50 AM

      thanks… buddy … sure dude….. if i get such a theme i ll write … pakka…

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