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The College – !

The College –“Royal Donations College“, is one of the best colleges in the city of Bangalore. All the future of the country with such a hope starts their fresh innings of their life today. There were full of ‘WELCOME FRESHERS’ board all over the college. The seniors of the college were welcoming their juniors. They celebrated it as a festival. It was a huge day for the fresher’s, fresh hopes and fresh innings of their life in the front.

Karan, more interested in film wants to do a course in Visual Communication, ended up in engineering. His Mom wanted him to become a engineering so because of which he landed here.

His Mom, collecting information about the programs today was disturbed by Karan who called her,

Karan: Mom, I don’t want to study here.

Mom: Just shut up and listen.

Karan: Mahesh, can’t u say anything to your wife.  She is torturing me here.

Mahesh: come on baby, take it easy. We can take care of that later.

Mom: I heard something… what is that .. come again ??

Mahesh: aww !! nothing dear .. U carry on.

Karan: U U!!!!  .. go Mahesh .. I am angry on you ..

Mahesh: chill maadi … Let’s go n eat something come.

After an hour, there was a Principal speech in the auditorium. It was huge crowd. Karan who had zero hopes enters the auditorium with his parents. He kicks his leg to the wall near, just when he hits Kapil who was crossing by.

“Ooouch!!!”, screamed Kapil .

“Hey sorry dude didn’t want to. Really sorry”.

“Its ok yaar”

“By the way, I am Karan”, and he gave his hand for a hand shake.

Kapil took his hand and pulled him forward and made him fell down.

“Hey, I wanted to”, was having a big smile in his face.

Karan looked at himself and gave a grin smile at him. He stood up and went to sit nearby his parents, all happened when his parents went to take water and fresh up.

The speech took place for 1 hour and later everyone came out of the auditorium. Karan was waiting for his parents to come out. Someone put his hand on Karan’s shoulder. He turned to look back it was Kapil.

“Hey sorry yaar, just wanted some fun in this boring day”, Kapil said.

“It’s ok, i am not in a mood of fight”, Karan replied

“You are still angry on me??”

“No no… I am not”

“By the way I am Kapil”

“Hmm that’s a sweet name, Kapil ya Kapil Dev ?? “

Both started laughing and had some fun. Later parents came and they both exchanged their good bye to their parents and left to the hostel.

The class started the next day. Kapil and Karan went to roam the college together. It was cool evening and all of a sudden it started raining. They both stood under some department building and waited till the rain ends. After some half hour of heavy rain, finally it stopped. They set together to leave from the building. They both heard a cough sound at the corner of the building and it was a girl. They looked at her and couldn’t get a glance to see per properly and she turned back and left to her hostel.

First day at the class:

Karan and Kapil came to class first. Karan took the first bench, Kapil looked surprised.

“Hey are you nuts”, Kapil told.

“Why yaar??” Karan replied.

“sitting in the first bench, are you a kid”

Karan took a look at him and went to sit in the last bench and Kapil followed back him. 2 periods have gone and it was Physics and chemistry. 3rd period was Maths. Karan was getting boring with the classes. He stood up and asked the Mam,

“Excuse me Mam, if I am not wrong I am sitting in the 1st sem class right? “

Mam looked puzzled and answered “Yup, why are you asking it ?? “

“Nothing Mam, just a doubt”.

“Idiot why did you asked this question”, Kapil asked.

“We are in engineering and these people are still teaching me all these things and I am getting bored”

“hehe, you are speaking as you are the top rank in the state??”

“yes yaar, i am state 2nd and come on yaar lets bunk this class”, Karan replied.

“uff, but you don’t look like that”

“I never wanted to come to engineering, I want to make films. You know Shankar sir, he is my favourite. I just love his films. After my course at visual communications, I wanted to join as a junior to him. I want to make something great in the films and I don’t have interest in studies now”.

“You just make me confuse yaar, you are state 2nd but with interest in films and what about heroines?? :P :P”, Kapil said.

Both started to laugh out loud and Mam heard it and asked them to get out of the class. Without any word both started to get out of the class, where Karan was too happy and before leaving the class he turned back to Mam and said “Thank you Mam”. Maths Teacher went too shocked with his reply.

The next day Kapil got a call from his close friend Yadhav. Kapil came to know that Yadhav is also gonna join with them in their college. Kapil was too happy to hear the happy news but he was gonna join after a week. So Kapil informed Karan regarding it. The next whole week was just went in thinking of seeing his good old friend. The day has arrived. Yadhav joined the college. Kapil went running to him and hugged him on seeing him. They both were too much happy to see together after a gap of 5 years. All the three were in the same dept ECE.

Days passed by and the three got close together. The 3 liked being together. Where ever they went they were always together either it be canteen, movies and class.

Today the first period of the class was Maths. After the first day incident, Karan has never got a good name with the teacher. So if it is her class Karan would reach 10min before and occupy the last bench to get away from the glance of the teacher. Yadhav wasn’t ready yet but Kapil and Karan reached class. It was sharp 9am. The Maths teacher entered the class. But to a surprise, the girls of the class haven’t came yet , not even one. Mam didn’t even care for that and started taking class. Yadhav reached the class after 5min. Mam didn’t allow him to enter the class. Kapil and Karan shouted ‘SHIT’ together and everyone except the Mam looked at them. After a long back of half an hour, all the girls came to the class. Every girl was wearing a saree that day and they were looking angels. One of the girls went to the Mam and told some reason and every girl was allowed to enter the class but still Yadhav was standing outside. Karan stood up and asked the Mam,

“ Mam this is partiality, you allowed all the girls but you didn’t allow Yadhav inside”

“Look this is my wish, they told me a reason thats why I allowed them inside”

“May be Yadhav too had some reason, but you didn’t listen to him”, Karan replied.

“Look Karan, it takes time for all the girls to get ready wearing the saree, so I allowed them to come inside”

“Oh!! Really… but you are also wearing saree. Then why are coming early at time”.

The whole class went silent with such a question and Mam didn’t commit to tell a reply and went out of the class. His reply just made every one of think of and laughs at the same time. And even girls couldn’t avoid laughing. Yadhav came running into the class and gave a ‘HI5’ to Karan. The whole class just took Karan into their hands and started running and shouting like hell. They were in the peak of joy. Swapna, girl from their class came forward to Karan and said “You are so naughty and funny guy”. Karan replied “yup, I am and thanks for the statement”.

“Dude, you just did it man, you just did it”, Kapil said and they both hugged.

“Give me a HI5, we took a tit for tat. That day she made us to get away from the class and today we did it for her. Yipee !!!”, Karan said in a high joy state.

Rest to be continued in  Part2

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  1. hemanth raj
    June 7, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    Daii mams its nice da go ahead man

  2. sadhana
    June 7, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    He he he!

    was cool nd funny!!!!

  3. carissa
    June 7, 2010 at 5:53 PM

    really enjoyed reading this…very interesting :) :):):):)

  4. June 7, 2010 at 5:51 PM

    Wah!! great fiction….!! ended wid a BLAST hahaha!! :) :) nice……pleasure reading dis!! Hope 2 c sum more posts lyk dis!!

    waitng 4 nxt parts too….missed d last line….gosh!!…kk waiting 4 other parts too!! :) :)

  5. bipasha
    June 7, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    had fun reading it!

  6. May 23, 2010 at 1:51 AM

    Hehe:) firstly the name of the college is like Royal Challengers team! But the story is funny and interesting. . Just waiting for the other parts.

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