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The College – !!

Read Part1 first…..

The day after that Karan, Kapil and Yadhav got an official bunk ticket from Maths mam and they never used to attend it. During those times they hopped at either canteen or sleeping in hostel or checking out Girls. While during those time they were roaming around the college, they saw Sapna roaming around with her friend Simran. Karan followed her back and they went into some club room. There were lot of boys and girls flirting each other. Yadhav looked confused what the hell is happening in this room. Sapna was talking to a Mam. Yadhav and Kapil raised their eye-brows each other. Karan without any hesitation went straight to Sapna and asked what is going on here .

“we are praticising for inter college competitions” , Sapna said.

“Inter-College?? When ? where ?”, Karan asked

“Ya, in NIT next month”

“That’s cool, when you guys started this, I mean the practise??”

“just some 2 days back, you have no idea about this?”

“who told this ??” said Karan and added “how you came to know this?”

“oh ya, it was announced in the class during your favourite Maths class”, she replied and made a wink .

“hey, its ok. Let it be. What are the plans I want to participate in it. Hope you tell me ”

“ya we are planning to make a mime”, and she added “still confused with the story”

“I can be a help for you guys in this”, said Karan and added “I can make out the story and help in direction”

“are u sure, but you are not here to waste time right?”, Sapna told and looked around.

“I know what you are thinking. This practise class seems to be looking like a evening meeting place for lovers”, Karan and smiled at her.

“Yup, yaar everyone came to know each other just some days back and see them. Yuck !!”.

“Leave them, lets get to work”, Karan said and Sapna interrupted her in the middle and said ”your friends are staring at you. You forgot you came with them ??”

Then Karan went to talk to Kapil and Yadhav. After some time they left from the place and Karan came back to work. He and Sapna discussed about the mime and Karan was giving valuable suggestions for the mime. Along with this Karan was having another idea on his mind in making a drama plan.

“Still how many days for the program?”, Karan asked to Sapna.

“most probably next month middle, not sure I didn’t ask them the date”

“Ok done, we will rock”, Karan said and added “ lets end for the end. I am tired”.

“Ya thanks for initiating, me too tired. Ok will meet 2marow. See  ya.”

Both started to leave , when Sapna called Karan, “hey Coffee?” and Karan accepted and both went to canteen. They both talked about the college matters and discussed how they ended up in this college. Sapna came to know about the dream of Karan which made him to talk such deep matters in ‘Direction’. After a good half an hour talk they left the canteen. Before leaving both exchanged their cell numbers.

It was dinner time and Karan along with Kapil and Yadhav came to the mess. They saw the menu and each looked at others faces and finally decided to move to canteen. While reaching canteen they came to see Sapna along Simran and Priya moving towards canteen. Each waved a “hi” towards the others. They ordered and all settled in a big table. As Karan and Sapna were in good touch now, it was time for the other two to get to talk. Each introduced themselves and all began to laugh remembering the incident happened during the maths period. Later they took the dinner and left for the hostel.

After reaching the hostel Karan received a message in his mobile from Sapna . He opened the message and read it . It was “ just now came to know that there is no pratice session tomorrow, so you better attend the classes. And don’t miss the maths class”. Karan became confused whether that was an order or advice from her. Whatever he decided to attend the classes taking it as an advice.

The next day they entered the class for the Maths period. The Mam was shocked to see them entering the class after a week. Mam looked and smiled at three of them. Sapna looked back at Karan and waved at him. Karan made a wave back and said a ‘HI’. Kapil and Yadhav looked at them and both asked Karan together ,
” Excuse Mr.Karan what’s going on here?”.

“I dunno yaar, she messaged me to come to class and she is waving me”, Kapil replied.

“Ohhh… okay we got it.” , both said together.

“hey guys chill out. Nothing ok . I just know her for a one day long“, Karan said and they were interuppted by Mam voice. She asked everyone to keep quiet.

“Shhhhh”, Karan, Kapil and Yadhav made a voice and Mam turned back and smiled. They thought may be she is in a good mood otherwise we would have be gone out again. Karan looked a Sapna and she was already looking at him making a angry face. Later Karan took away the eye-contact from her. She was really making a sense to Karan and Karan avoided to make anyother eye-contact with her. Towards the end of the class, there came a news that made everyone to feel sad. “EXAMS” . Maths Mam announced that the internal exams will be started by the start of the next month. “What the Hell”, the whole class said together.

“Guys, control. This is just a internal exam. Not the semester”, and she laughed.

Karan took the mobile and messaged to Sapna “ get the program date as soon as possible. Don’t delay it” and got the reply as soon as he send it .” ok”, was her reply.

Two days later they started the pratice session again in the evening. And after an hour gap there was a club meeting. And this was the first club meeting to be held after the entry of the first years. All the first year students gathered for the club meeting. The program in the club meeting was organised by a final year girl. She was the heart throbe of many in the college. Her dazzling eyes attracted everyone like a magnet. She looked like a model today. Wearing a pink long top and a blue jeans tightly fit to her slim body. In the college, she was popular for her sweet character rather than her beauty. But it was her image that was the talk of the college. And that too today, she was at the top of it. Came as a model. There was a big gang just came there to see her talk. She was Anita.

She took the stage and said “ hello freshers, it is nice to see you all here. It makes me remember me the days where I was siting. Let me see who sits there now”. And she pointed out to the 4th row , 5th seat . There was a girl sitting at the same place and Anita called her to come up. She came to the stage without any hesitation. And she was no less compared to Anita in looking. Wearing a golden silver T-shirt and a black jeans pant. Anita asked her to introduce herself. All the eyes were shifted towards the girl who came to the stage now. She said “Hi all , I am Soumya. And good evening to everyone”.
“Thanks for that Soumya”, and please let us which dept are you and I hope many ears are eager to catch it up and both smiled at each other

“I am from computer science”, said Soumya. Anita continued “so computer guys are you hearing that”. And a big “YES” came form the crowd. “Ok Soumya, now you can take your place”, Anita said and started again, “ ok guys and girls wassup , what kind of program can we do now ?”

Many answers came but she had already made up her mind and decided that we will go for a topic and announced that “ I will call any one and ask them to perform here. Is that ok ? Lets have fun”, she said and smiled and a many hearts would have broken my that partial second. Karan, Kapil and Yadhav were sitting together at the last . Sapna and her friends were sitting at the exact opposite side. But at times Sapna was making a eye-contact with Karan. Karan wasn’t making an issue with that and was just returning back smiles. And all of sudden Anita pointed out Yadhav to come to the stage. Even though his stomach was burning inside to be on the stage, he had a butterfly flying in his heart that he is gonna stand with Anita. Yadhav took the stage and saw everyone. His hands were trembling inside but he didn’t showed it. “Are you nervous??”, asked Anita . “no no”,he replied. Eventhough she realized it he was nervous, she went on . “ I am not gonna give a tough job , just tell me what College means to you??”

“ you mean the explanation or abbrevation ?” , he asked .
“whatever you like “, Anita said.

“Nooooo”, was the sound from Kapil and Karan from the back and it was that much clear to all in the auditorium.  Anita looked shocked at there voice. And she asked Yadhav are they your friends. And she got a positive reply. And she asked him to go on. Now all the audience were eager to hear why those two were against the abbreviation and all wanted to know what is was.

“College … College … rite …. Ok here I go ….”, said yadhav interuppted again my Karan voice.
“Yadhav no please no… don’t “

Anita asked him to carry on as she liked this want it can be and the whole audience went into silence to hear it .
“College means – Come On Lets Love Each and every Girl Equally” ..  Anita who was smiling all way stopped for a second and was trying to recognize what he had told now. The audience didn’t give any reaction for sometime. Yadhav looked at everybody and smiled and the whole auditorium burst in laugh. Anita tried to control her laugh but couldn’t and went down to sit and put her hand in her stomach and was trying to control it. Later some time Yadhav tried to come down the stage when Anita stopped her. “ now what??”, yadhav asked her. “No , I just wanted to know where did you get this” and again she went to laugh.. His reply was from the ‘internet’.  “Cool , you carry on. And by the way thanks a lot”, Anita said who was still laughing.

The program went on for another 1 hour with lots of fun some adding it to some dance and some acts and some blah blah blah ….

Later next day everyone left to home for weekends. Karan and Sapna were still in touch with calls and sms. Good morning Good noon good evening good night sweet dreams in calls or sms were in the round with these two. Days passed by as soon as Monday came. The three reached the college at the same time as they planned. Karan and Yadhav was looking happy and Kapil wasn’t. He looked like he came from some other world and was imagining something and wasn’t talking that much today. They enquired with him is there any thing wrong.   He then narrated this –

“Today morning I saw a girl. She was so cute”. Yadhav asked him “where did you saw her??”. He narrated “She was in a auto. I was in the bus while coming to the college. The bus was waiting in the red light stop. And in the opposite side the auto was waiting. I looked at her at randomly and smiled at her. She returned it back. We both looked at each other for some 3 seconds continously. I wanted to wave my hand and I did it. She took her hand to wave back. For that time I was so happy. I would have got down the bus and went near her before I saw that. I was almost in love at that time. She looked like the girl for me. I almost went into dreams like Uday Chopra in the movie Dhoom. “ Karan and Yadhav started laughing. And they asked “okay what happened then and what made you sad now?? “

“I told you that, she took her hand to wave me. You know what she had in her hand??”

“oh I got it. Slipper?? “, both Karan and Yadhav burst the same answer.

“ No,  Cigarette “. He said and was sad again.

“what the Hell??” , both shouted together.  And they asked “ what did you do then?”

“Later I took the eye-sight from her . Didn’t even looked at her after that. Damn it man. Why the hell does girls smoke. Do they think they will look good with that. Bloody Hell. I say it guys, I would have slapped her if she was standing next to me at that time. I hate even boys smoking and what the fuck does she thinks of herself. Destroying her own health. Shit Shit Shit. “, He said all this without a breath.

“ok dude cool down. Even I don’t like smoking.”, Karan said.

“I didn’t get the point. What made your mood upset. She was an unknown girl to you and remained unknown. Then why are sad ? do you love her? “ , Yadhav asked .

“Not exactly. What ever leave it. I am Okay now after telling to you. Feeling relaxed. So wassup guys. Any thing interesting?”

“hmm that’s better Kapil”, said Yadhav.

“Okay. You tell how did you fall for Sapna? What are doing with your mobile all this time while I was teling this. sms? To whom ?” , Kapil asked Karan.

“What I am falling for Sapna? No way .. I am not”, he said and looked at Yadhav for support but he was already staring at him for the answer.

Still both didn’t answer. And Karan continued “ Guys calm down . We are just friends and there is nothing between us for God sake. Ok? “

“ok ok .. you calm down.”, Kapil told. And asked “ to didn’t tell me to whom you were messaging?”

“oh that . Just my school friend. He came here to Bangalore with his family. May be tonight I will not be there at the hostel. Going to meet him”, he said and smiled.

Then they reached the hostel and started getting ready for the class. And oh ya, to know the conversation Karan was actually doing with his mobile . Have a look down !!

Karan : hi

Sapna: hey good morning :)

Karan : where are you ?

Sapna : just in time I will reach the college. You ?

Karan : came already. Wassup ? when will you reach ?

Sapna : In another half an hour. Hey will you accept one offer for me ?

Karan: what ?? what’s the matter ?

Sapna : I want to go for a movie tonight. Wil you join me ?

Karan: Movie ? that too tonight? Why what’s special ?

Sapna : That I will tell you later. Will you come ?

Karan : Ok done .. what movie?

Sapna : ‘Wake up Sid’ and don’t worry I have already booked the tickets for us yesterday itself in the PVR :)

Karan: OMG !! everything pre-planned? You booked for me or someone else cancelled and you are asking me?  :P

Sapna : That you will come to know tonight. Ok ?

Karan: ok dear Okay.. !! Cool ! Time ?

Sapna : 9pm show. We will leave here by 7pm itself. Got it ?

Karan: Done. As you say !! anyway it is an order :P

Sapna : :)

Now you might have know what actually Karan had planned for tonight and what he has lied to his friends as going to meet his school friend.

It was 7pm sharp and both left the college together. Kapil and Yadhav had no idea that they are going out together.  They had their dinner outside in Bell Hotel. And left for the PVR cinemas. They got settled in their seats and Movie started. It was the first time Karan was going out for a movie with a girl. Sapna was almost in cloud nine going out with Karan. Interval came. Karan asked her, “ so tell me whats special today ??” Sapna said “nothing I just wanted to see the movie and made a wink”. Both smiled. Brought some snacks to eat and they settled down at their seats. Karan took her hand and had it in his hand. She didn’t said anything. She smiled. They sat together with their shoulders touching each other. They had a great time. Later movie ended. And started leaving to the college.

Sapna told “lets us wait here for sometime”.

“why ?”

“just wait na “, said Sapna

“you still have any surprise” , asked Karan.

She didn’t replied anything. Later after sometime Simran and Priya came to the picture followed by Kapil and Yadhav. Karan was surprised to see them at this time and and at this place that too in the middle of the night in the middle of the road. Karan tired to hid his face from Kapil and Yadhav as he had told lies to them and came to the movie.

“what is going on here? “ , asked Karan to Sapna.

“Is everything ready? “, Sapna asked to Simran ignoring Karan .

“yes everything fine and can we start it? It is almost time”, Simran said.

“Come on  come on”, said Priya.

Simran and Priya took a cake box out and even Kapil and Yadhav was shocked seeing that.

“whose birthday ??”, asked Karan.

Sapna took the cake box and asked Karan to open it. Karan asked “me??” .

“Yup open it”, said Sapna.

Karan opened it and on the cake it was written as “ Happy Birthday SAPNA “.

Karan was shocked to see and he doesn’t know that today was her birthday and he has never asked her nor she said to him before.

“Today your birthday??”, Karan asked to Sapna.

“no my grandma”, she said and made a wink.

Now everything was falling in place and Karan was able to see what was in her mind. They made a small table look like with stones and kept the cake on it. At Exact 12am , she cut the cake. They celebrated their birthday in the middle of the road in the midnight.

They cut the cake and everyone wished her.

“Happy Birthday Sapna”, said Karan.

“Thank you and Karan……. “, she said and stopped and looked at Simran and Priya.

Simran and Priya gave a gesture and asked her to move on.

“What ? still any surprise??” asked Karan to them.

“Karan , I Love you”, Sapna said and she kissed him on his cheeks.

Karan almost fainted and was about to fall. Sapna took him and he didn’t fall. And she said with her eyes full open with Karan in her hands “ I Love You Karan and I know you too”.

“no no ….. I mean yes yes …..”, Karan stammered almost and he smiled.

And they kissed again.

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  1. Himani
    September 1, 2011 at 2:13 AM

    nyc nyc..!! keep it up..!! :)

  2. August 29, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    Nice :)

    • August 31, 2011 at 10:27 PM

      Thanks Shanoj :)

  3. bipasha
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    • August 1, 2010 at 1:38 AM

      Thanks a LOT Bips :)

  4. supreet
    July 15, 2010 at 2:20 PM

    i too love sapna :) the presentation was really nice! but i hope d next part is gonna be even more interesting! carry on !! sapna rocks!

    • July 15, 2010 at 2:35 PM

      Haha :) seems everyone is expecting a Girl like SAPNA :)
      All the best for all of you guys out there (including me) :P

  5. Sharadha
    June 30, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Hey nice story yaar..btw s t ur imagination r ur story?n whr did u got te definition of COLLEGE?anywayz my hearty wishes 4 u 2 get som1 lik ur heroine of te story in ur life..;-)

    • June 30, 2010 at 4:17 PM

      Thank you :) like i said in the story i too got the defn from the net only ;)
      and ya thanks a lot for the last statement … +infinity :P
      every boy’s dream will be to get a girl like that in his life :D

  6. shruthi
    June 29, 2010 at 12:37 PM

    oi….intrstin…..coll expansion ws too cool…hw com yaar….nice….:)….keep ritin….(dat ws a fantastic meetin point f frds.in d stry..ha ha….)….

    • June 29, 2010 at 2:26 PM

      hehehe :D …. okies thank you :)

  7. June 28, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    Good narration.. Keep it up. Definition of College — never heard it before.

    • June 29, 2010 at 11:12 AM

      Hey JeyaGanesh , thanks yaar…. thanks for visiting my blog ..

  8. Sadhana
    June 28, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    Hey yar….was gud…really interesting nd nice…!!!!
    U hav got style…keep it yar!

  9. Ramanathan
    June 27, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    Dai machi!!!

    U proved urself as a grt story teller once again..nice one with lot of fun this time..On top of evrything Climax is lovely n the best..

    • June 28, 2010 at 11:36 AM

      :) I too enjoyed writing this post as anything and seeing your response I am just overwhelmed ….
      Thanks a lot guys :)

  10. Hemanth
    June 27, 2010 at 10:27 PM

    Hmm power packed writing da didnt expect da like this gud show man
    I like the karan character awesome da
    continue posting dude

    • June 28, 2010 at 11:34 AM

      :) thanks a lot for the comment…. and ya still more to come in this story :)

  11. June 27, 2010 at 1:49 AM

    Hey…really nice one.
    I read ur prev once also, but though to leave comment end of the story. But I felt to say something here…

    Overall, I liked each and every conversation and the way you made it….

    The best part I love is that, in your story, you made a character Sapna. I was dreaming such a girl, who has cuts like this ,to speak out fro her love. Thanks for it.

    It was nice reading……

    P.S: Is it Karan too handsome or with words he made it??!?!?

    • June 27, 2010 at 12:12 PM

      Thanks a Lot Balaji :) !!
      hmm best wishes for ur dream to come true :) any way it is not the end still more to come !!
      and ya Karan is quite good looking too but everything depends on how one talks to each other….

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