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IHLS – Review

IHLS – I Hate Love Stories

A typical-typical Bollywood movie. Can’t say much more than that because that was what the movie  type casted. Imran and Soonam … wow what a chemistry. I just liked the pair and the pair was so awesome.

Story :

Imran is against love life and Sonam likes it. She likes Bollywood love stories and he hates it. He doesn’t likes the same love sequence of Bollywood and she loves creating that Magic. Magic – that is the word they use here, the love between the souls.  Slowly and steadily love gets between these two but in separate sessions.

First Love:

Sonam and her Perfect partner Sameer . they love each other and live together. Child hood friends and love in the air for them. She is perfect in what she does. But later on, they get separate.

Second Love :

First Sonam hates Imran (As expected in Bollywood movies) as he is  not perfect in his work. He is too lazy in what he works. Comes to office lately (but makes lots of fun in office).  Imran just goes out and have date with whoever he likes. That is his character as portrayed. Later Sonam gets liking to his way of live and falls in love with him. But Imran doesn’t (as expected). He rejects. Break up. Sonam sad.

Third Love:

Oh ya Imran starts loving Sonam (hero and heroine has to love in movie na, whats wrong now ??). Sonam leaves and goes to NZ. Imran couldnt bear this separation and falls in love with her. Later the whole movie casts move to NZ. He proposed her. And here is the twist ( as expected) , She rejects. She joins again Sameer. Imran cries. Calling Mom. Gets help. He gets boosted. Calls Soonam again, but her mom takes the phone listens everything. ( and this is what I call another twist).

Rest :

Imran and his friends plans something to make her jealous of him by seeing him with another girl ( Tamil movie). Plan works. But she gets engaged to Sameer. Imran disappointed. Sets to leave all this and then leaves to Airport to go to home ( aree ye airport climax me kyun aataa hai yaar ?? )

for the rest go and watch the movie….

Storyline :

I Hate Love Stories – Imraan , I Love Love Stories – Soonam . Love-breakup Love-breakup and finally Love Ends. Story Ends.

And ya the acting was so good by Sonam and she looks so Chubby. Muah <3 . Imran was good, but I rate his acting best still in “Jaane tu ya Jaane na” . The director in the movie is as much as Karan Johar, and this is the reason behind Karan producing it ??? And the red rose- white rose comparing uff.. common guys we have seen a lot about this.  And the same hero heroine dance – typical Karan Johar movies. Sadka was one song which I liked a lot.

Music :

WOW WOW WOW (note i am not barking) . Loved it . Jab mila tu, Sadka are awesome. The video sequence was also good. But they missed Bahara a little. Bin tere ( a typical sad tone in very Karan Johar movie type) . And one more thing why are they playing “Maahi ve” a lot of times, have to figure this out first !!!

Rating :

3/5. Go for it. You will know what will happen next. So just go and enjoy. Have fun.  It is just another Bollywood Movie.

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  1. September 26, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    Hey revealed a lot in the review man! I will watch have to watch it.

  2. Vrishali
    July 7, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    Oh my god…….. U have done the whole research … that Karan Johar also might have not done………. By the way good review… I will watch it once…. :)

    • July 15, 2010 at 2:27 PM

      hahaa …. enough of kidding .. I analyzed more than KJ ??? LOL :P
      Ya sure don’t miss the movie .. good time pass =D

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