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Here Comes – Venkatesh Prasad

It was one of the fun-full days for me. Had a little work in office and it was already half-a-day office on Friday. What can one IT guy expect more than this?  We had Company’s All Hands meeting at Taj Residency, Bangalore in the noon cum evening.  Was eager to leave the company and go to the target ( Taj Residency).  Missed the first bus and took the second one (office arranged bus for us).  Oh yeah, second bus came and we got in. And the travel was too good (sarcastic). Within 15 min, our bus hit a car. But when checked nothing happened to the car actually. The owner of the car was acting too much that something went wrong with this car on the backside and was requesting 10,000 INR. The traffic police came and checked the car and forced the car owner to get lost. He came to know he(car owner) was rubbishing very well and making nuisance in the road. As really nothing happened to the car at all.

Everything went well in this incident and we started moving towards the target. Near domlur, our bus really hit an old scooter. His backside was gone. Pieces fell on the road. What a way to get to the destination. Fight started between the bus driver and scooter owner. Again traffic police came from nowhere. Checked the situation and asked the bus to head towards the police station. I was very eager to go to police station as I have never gone even once inside. But dreams shattered. Organisation people asked us to get down the bus and told another bus is arranged for us. Wow. That was very fast. Bus came. So we finally reached destination safely.

At Taj Residency:

Security checks over. Went in. A/C rooms. Reception girls were quite a good looking though. The ground floor was glossy and never expected a bar to be placed on the ground floor itself. I entered the conference room. Some guy was talking . Searched for him. Couldn’t find him. But the way he was talking was really good. For example:

  1. Boys please be seated. Girls you too. And boys don’t stare at girls. And girls you too don’t stare at boys.  >> “guys he has a point here :)”
  2. And those who are sitting in the last row, please come forward or else I will call the security people to pull you all down to the front rows and may be with your legs. Beware.  >> “Couldn’t control my laugh when he said that ….Man he has something in his tongue to speak like this.”

Finally he came out and introduced himself. He was from RadioMirchi. Smart guy. He was wearing a black coat and neatly shaved.  Girls you have to watch out for him.

And then, started the boring session of the day. It was time for some HR people’s speech. But quite interesting it happened with the Q&A session. I can’t reveal it here. Company matters. But where is the guest?  I mean where is ‘Venkatesh Prasad’ ?  Hope I don’t need to say any intro about him here.

After some 30min to say, here comes our hero. Tall man. Very Simple. For the next to say nearly 40-50 minutes, we had a great time with his speech. He really has witty sense a lot. He took the microphone and started praising the company. Did we ask him? We already know that (may or may not be sarcastic :P)

The first question asked to him was this.

  1. How did you bowled Aamer Sohail during the world cup match between India and Pakistan.

Seriously no one can forget that. That ball was so famously called as “If you are an INDIAN watch this” and one of the famous videos in youtube too. More than 3 crore viewers till date. Watch it here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpsSe_zvaoU&feature=related . Don’t miss it if you haven’t watched it yet. This is one of his best moments of his life.

And to see his reaction when the question was asked, he was already smiling a lot.

His explanation:  sometimes every bowler bowls a bad ball and sometimes even a good ball can be made to look like a cheaper one. It is difficult to bowl a Yorker for me. I prefer bowling a short ball and slow balls. And in that ball, I bowled too short and he came forward and hit it like that. I have no answer for that. But he still showed me what he is going to do in the next ball. Every bowler gets disturbed when some batsmen say like that. And yeah, some green words were exchanged. My mind was totally confused whether he will hit that again. Will he come forward to hit that shot again? So I decided to forget what he said. And I concentrated on how to bowl. And I unfortunately put the same kind of ball. But this time I released the ball so fast that the ball went very fast and I never expected that will bowl the stumps. When I released the ball, I know he will hit it again for the boundary.  But the ball turned its direction like a googly and went towards the stumps. All of a sudden I took his wicket. I never expected that. But I was so happy that I took him anyway.

Some Funny incident of his cricket life:

It was India vs Sri Lanka match.

We decided to bowl first, as they were strong contenders in chasing any kind of score.  We had a pre-match meeting of nearly 1 hour on how to take wickets of Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharana (SL openers) and how should be the fielding setup for them. But as everything planned, nothing went in our way. We won the toss and decided to bowl. The first over it was and Srinath was bowling.  And to everyone surprise both of the openers got out in the first over itself. We planned only how to take wickets of these two openers. And they got out early in the match and that too in the very first over. Seriously we haven’t planned how to bowl for the rest of the batsmen’s to come. We were out of our plan. And everyone in the team had no clue, what kind of match we should play for the rest of the overs, especially we bowlers.

And there was one question which I liked a lot which was not related to his bowling.

Question:  This is related to cricket, but not your bowling, it is related to your batting skills. I hope you remember the match between India v’s Zimbabwe during the WC’99. Olongo was bowling to you. India needed 4 runs to win. First ball you faced. You went out for lbw. Seriously what were you thinking?

His answer: Yeah, I know the match. And one thing I want to tell you is I am bowler and not at all a batsman.  In the nets I used to bowl continuously for 3 hours and if someone gives me the pad and asks me to bat, I prefer bowling still, because batting is not my cup of tea. And I guess, I should have played a better shot. And once you look at a bowler and starts thinking what kind of ball he is about to bowl, you can’t get it. I wanted to make a dot ball, but it happened like that. I know I did wrong, but still I can’t do anything for that.

And he added, “One thing I have noticed that in cricket, whatever happens, the bowlers are the worst affected. They bowl, sometimes nothing works well for them and the opposite team scores 280+. Then the batsman comes to bat, they do nothing and rest goes to the tail enders with nearly 150+ to win and the tail enders try to bat, they make it loose by 20 odd runs. Still the media tells the tail enders should bat to win. Oh come on, we are bowlers and not batsmen. And also they forget to say that the batsmen didn’t score well.  And also in some matches, a bowler takes important wickets at every time and while batting comes some player scores 60+ and the M.O.M goes to them. See how they look at bowlers.”

There was one question which many hated, but still they asked. Question: Match-fixing.  And he tried to answer that with perfect example.

Answer: In the race of sprint, 4 players each run 100m. 3 players play well and the 4th player took drug. Just because of the 4th player, one should not tell wrong things about the rest three. They were true to the game and they were honest.  And also I dunno whether the match fixing actually took place or not. And if it happened really then they should be banned from the game.

So that was it, some of the most interesting and good session with a bowling legend. We all enjoyed a lot, mainly just because of him. There may be something that I have left. If it is there you can add as comments.

I am so happy that I am sharing this with you. I enjoyed a lot. So I shared it with you all.

Happy reading :)

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  1. snehal
    December 7, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    Reaching to destination part is written very well….and I too experienced that so it was funny while reading it……:-)

    • December 7, 2010 at 4:35 PM

      :P … I know .. how fun it was … total maza tha us din :)

  2. August 16, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    machi gethu da
    super dialogue boys dont stare at girls and girls dont stare at boys
    heheheheh :)
    njoyd tat day ahahhah

  3. Sadhana
    August 16, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    Cool post!!! hope u njyd well…i njyd reading it!!!

  4. Suyash Jain
    August 14, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    He was such an superb player and now a winning coach !!!U wrote it superbly and made me feel as if I was present at the function … Kudos !!

    • August 14, 2010 at 1:46 PM

      Huh .. thanks dude .. :)

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