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Until I met her …

“You know what you are doing?” I asked.
“That’s none of your business, it is my life. I know what to do”, she said.
“And me?”
“What you Karan?” she said with a stern face.

She, Sapna was never rude to me, and today, she was behaving strangely. Yes, she is breaking up with me. We had a misunderstanding. But she is breaking up with me? I can’t imagine it. I was her life. I am. I want to be. I love her. I can’t let her go like this. I will fight back. I want to make her understand what went wrong.

“Am I nothing to you?” I stopped her moving away from me and stood in front of her.
“I am done with you” she said and left.

I was heart-broken. I couldn’t bear those words. I let her go. I didn’t turn back to see her going away. I loved her. I would always do.

Time passed away. Two months went, I tried to forget her. I couldn’t. Not even a single sms or a call we made after that day. I even don’t know whether she has changed her number or not. All I could remember was her last words. That went on ringing in my mind. I was disturbed. More over mom started getting doubts on me whether something was wrong. I didn’t want to tell her that her son was a loser. So I kept silent.

My college was about to re-open in another 2 days. I was doing my 3rd year in engineering. We both were not studying in the same college, I felt good about it for the first time.

I kept myself busy in studies. And mom was also happy seeing me concentrating on studies. On one such day, while I was studying, when I checked the time, it was 2am. I was bored and checked up Facebook, twitter and Gmail and closed it. Everything was crap. As usual nothing was interesting. I wanted to check out the yahoo messenger thing, So, I created an account in a fake name Raghav and went directly into the yahoo chat. Out of curiosity I pinged, “Anyone from India?” There was no response. Logged out and went to sleep.

A week later, I logged into Y!messenger again. I wanted someone to talk too. I was missing her. Talking with my friends did nothing to change my mind-set after loosing her. Again I pinged “Anyone from India?”. No response. As usual, I thought of logging out. And someone pinged me, “ Hey :) “ . I checked the name it was Bhavna.

Me: hi :)

Bhavna: wassup ?

Me: Hmm, I seriously dunno what to answer that. You tell.

Bhavna: I just wanted to talk to someone, so I just pinged you. Are you busy?

Me: No, not busy. So, tell me what you do?

Bhavna: What’s your name?

Me: I am Raghav. Doing my engineering. You ?

Bhavna: Nice name, I am Bhavna. I am also doing my engineering. Nice :)

Me: thanks :)  U told me you wanted to talk to someone to, why?

Bhavna: Well, just like that. Was feeling bored and came online to have a random chat.

Me: Exactly my point.

Bhavna: what?

Me: I said, I felt the same way and that’s why I am also online :)

Bhavna: ok.

Me: what happen?

Bhavna: Nothing. Leave it.

Me: you aren’t feeling good. First you wanted to talk and now you are not talking.

Bhavna: you always ask too many questions?

Me: nah. It’s ok. Don’t tell.

Bhavna: Bye.

Me: Bye.

I was wondering what was wrong with her. “She wanted to talk, so I asked her. But then, she suddenly said bye and left and didn’t talk. Girls, I say. Sigh.” I thought. And I went to sleep after that.

I logged again the next day. She was already online. We had added each other in Y!messenger yesterday. I was wondering whether to ping her or not. And between all this thoughts happening in me, she pinged me.

Bhavna: Hey :)

Me: hi ..

Bhavna: sorry for the last night. I was not feeling good so I acted rudely.

Me: Oh It’s ok. As though you know me to behave decently :P

Bhavna: ehehe :)

Me: starting with ‘e’ ? Ahem ;)

Bhavna: oh come on, don’t start spell check and all :)

Me: ok :)  So what was troubling you last night?

Bhavna: nah, nothing leave that. It’s a closed chapter.

Me: Sorry. I can understand it.

Bhavna: in the sense?

Me: I mean, break up or something like that I thought. Excuse me, if I am wrong.

Bhavna: Hmmmm

Me: so?

Bhavna: you are right.

Me: Hmmm. This relationship never works.

Bhavna: May be I was not gifted to be in. By the way, you seem to experience it?

Me: Hmm kinda. But I don’t know what happened to us. We just got our own ways and forgot about it.

Bhavna: Oops. Sorry.

Me: Oyee. Don’t be.

Bhavna: hmmm, almost similar in my case.

Me: Oh Crap.

Bhavna: hehe :)

Me: this time ‘h’ came first ;)

Bhavna: LOL, you are funny.

Me: is that so? I don’t find myself. I am a loser.

Bhavna: That’s ok. Leave the past. We both have the crazy past. I guess. Hehe ;)

Me: Hmmm :) So tell me about you …

Bhavna: Nothing much.. A boring girl… that’s what people think about me… And ..

Me: And?

Bhavna: nah, leave it . you tell ..

Me: nothing to tell, as much as I love playing games on system and chatting a lot …

Bhavna: Hmmm … ok :)

Me: :)

Bhavna: Hey, talk to you later. Gotta sleep. Gd sd. :)

Me: okay. Gn sd :) … Nice talking to you…

Bhavna: same here :) Bye

Me: bye….

And we started talking daily on general things and we never talked about our personal things. When it came to personal things, she hesitated to tell anything about her. And I also didn’t share anything about me. I thought may be just like me, her name was also fake. But who cares, as far as I have someone to talk with. I was making sure, that I never share my past with her.

And then one day,

Me: Hey :) how r u ?

Bhavna: hi :) Super good.. you?

Me: yeah some what.

Bhavna: hey what happened yaar ?

Me: hmm, nothing..

Bhavna: tell na…

Me: Results came today, I got an arrear.

Bhavna: oops. Come on. I always used to have those. Hehe :)

Me: really ? you gotta be kidding me. Girls don’t have arrears much. Chal hut.

Bhavna: I will keel you. I have 3 :)

Me: whattttttttttttt?

Bhavna: Haan, that’s the unit of Power.

Me: LOL, idiot.

Bhavna: ehehe :)

Me: once again ‘e’ comes first :P

Bhavna: you shut up.

Me: *covers your mouth* :D

Bhavna: *kick*

Me: ~ouch~

Bhavna: hehe :) so tell me why u didn’t prepare for that exam ?

Me: Hmmm, it was .. nothing leave .

Bhavna: Abey, tell..

Me: it was her B’day the day before exam. I was so full of her memories. I couldn’t study. Nahi, actually couldn’t revise. Else, I would have easily passed it.

Bhavna: you still love her?

Me: yeah….. I always will. I was my mistake we got separated. I misunderstood her. That day when I went to my friend’s house …

Bhavna: What come again? What you said “ friend’s house”

Me: No nothing leave it …. Forget it

Bhavna: hmm ok … when was her b’day ?

Me: Aug 4. why ?

~After 10 mins~

Me: hello ? there ?

Bhavna: yeah, there … sorry. Went for some work.. What’s her name?

Me: let it be …

Bhavna: No, tell me now….

Me: Hey, please let it be na… I don’t wanna talk about it.

Bhavna: Ok…

Me: do you love him?

Bhavna: Hmm, yeah ….. I dunno. I am confused.

Me: you didn’t contact him after that ?

Bhavna: no. why should I? As though he did.

Me: hmm, so you still love him :)

Bhavna: Let it be.. I don’t wanna talk about him too.. Hey did you change your number after you break up?

Me: No, I didn’t. why u do ask?

Bhavna: hmm, na nothing. Just like that.

Me: why are you acting so strange today ?

Bhavna: I am spying on you .. hehehe :)

Me: acha … :)

Bhavna: I guess we are talking for almost 2 months now…. You never asked me about my personal details, even my photo, where I am and all, Why?

Me: Hmmmph, It never clicked me to ask. Also I thought you don’t share your personal things. so I just…..

Bhavna: so full of her thoughts haan ? Cha, I also look good. You lost the chance now… hehe :P

Me: Oyee you are upto something mischievous today, okay as you say… show me your pic…

Bhavna: No, I wont :D

Me: See, this is why I never asked you anything. .

Bhavna: ok, so tell me why are you talking to me ?

Me: why ? you have a problem with that?

Bhavna: arey nahi.. tell .. just asking.

Me: Nothing serious. I wanted someone to talk with, who don’t know about me. With that they won’t remember my past. You don’t expect anything and you don’t demand anything. We can talk openly.

Bhavna: hmmm…

Me: Oyee, tell me whats cooking ?

Bhavna: Hmm, I think mom is making Maagi :P

Me: Shut up. Suddenly you are acting weird. Anything wrong with me?

Bhavna: No.  you are perfectly Good. I was just asking cross-questions. I was bored you see :P

Me: Hmm, whatever.

Bhavna: What happen?

Me: nothing.

Bhavna: Aiyoo sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you.

Me: Oyee it is ok. Chill :)

Bhavna: :)

Me: Dinner over?

Bhavna: No not yet, hey I will be back after dinner ok? be there, I want to talk.

Me: ok. fine.

She made me to remember those days with her again. I was lost in my memories. Should I go and talk to her, one more time? Should I call her? No, she didn’t even care. Why should I? She knows I love her. Yet she did this to me. I was hurt. She wasn’t. May be I hurt her too. But why can’t she talk to me?

“Karan”, Mom called me.

“Yes mom, I am coming” and then I went to the kitchen. She was preparing my favorite Panner for dinner.

“What were you doing?”

“Just talking to friends”

“Who is she?”

“Hmm, what? “ I was taken aback. She came directly to the point. And she started staring at me.

So I said, “Just a friend, Mom. Chill”

“How is she?”

“Who”, I was confused about which girl she was talking about.

And then she looked at me and said, “Sapna” .

I expected this from Mom. She hadn’t talked about her in the past 4 months and today she wanted to know what happened to my relationship with her. I kept my heads down. I couldn’t say anything. She understood it. And then she asked me to give her number and told she will talk to her. I said ‘NO’ and was trying to convince her that nothing is gonna happen now. She wasn’t hearing to me and went ahead, took my cell and called her.

“Mom” I shouted. “Stop it, it’s all over. I don’t want anything back” she didn’t listen to me. And then mom kept the phone down. She didn’t even speak a single word on phone.

I asked her “what happened?”

“You first tell me what happened”, Mom cross fired me.

“Did she cut the call?” I wanted to know.

“the number doesn’t exist” Mom said and went back to kitchen. I walked behind her to the kitchen.

“So, it’s all over between you two?” Mom asked me.

“Leave it Mom, nothing is gonna change. I am hungry”

Mom didn’t ask me anything after that. I had dinner and then I came back to my Lap to chat with her.

As soon I went online, I got a ping from her.

Bhavna: “hello, how long will you eat, huh”

Me: Arey nahi, I was talking to Mom. That’s why.

Bhavna: About?

Me: Nothing leave it.

Bhavna: You don’t tell me anything about you. I am going. Bye

Me: Oyee, why are you doing like this now.

Bhavna: I thought you are my friend. But you are not sharing anything with me.

Me: Oh please come on. It is not like that.

Bhavna: Then tell me..

Me: what?

Bhavna: what were you talking to your Mom?

Me: It was about her.

Bhavna: Does your mom know about me?

Me: what?

Bhavna: sorry, her.. typed wrongly. Can’t you understand? Idiot.

Me: Idiot? Sahi hai… you are in a good mood to bash me today and command me. And I am falling for it. :P

Bhavna: hehehe :) Now tell me what does your mom knows about her?

Me: She knows everything from the start. Except the fight we had. She is worried about that.

Bhavna: Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Me: what happened?

Bhavna: Nothing. Just. What was she asking you now?

Me: She asked me “is it all over between us”

Bhavna: what you said?

Me: I didn’t say anything. Just kept quiet.

Bhavna: you don’t want her back?


Me: I want to tell her everything which went wrong. I want to say sorry. I want to be her everything. I want her back. My life looks incomplete without her. I miss talking to her. I miss being with her. I miss everything that reminds me of her in my life


Bhavna: sorry. You made me into tears. You made me remember ……..

Me: Oops. Sorry.

Bhavna: it’s ok.

Me: what went wrong in yours? ..

Bhavna: we had a fight. Then I came to know the misunderstanding happened. I was feeling sad for what ever I did to him. He loved me. I cheated him. I should have better talked to him instead of fighting. Things would have been better.

Me: hmmm. It happens. Go and talk to him again. May be things will be okay by now.

Bhavna: you want me to?

Me: Yes :)

Bhavna: then why didn’t he think about it?

Me: may be the same reason as what you are thinking now.

Bhavna: What reason?

Me: EGO .

Bhavna: shut up.

Me: hehe :) .. But listen, go and talk. Things may change.

Bhavna: Okay. Let me see..

Me: :) … Hey ..

Bhavna: What ?

Me: I want to see how you look.. Please ?

Bhavna: Why? are you interested in me? Since your GF left you? Or you hitting on me? :P

Me: No. Not like that. We know each other for some time now. So, just wanted to see you.

Bhavna: no I don’t want to :)

Me: hmmm ok.

Bhavna: Oh come on. It’s ok.

Me: hmmm .. So tell me where do you live?

Bhavna: I am not gonna tell you that too.

Me: Oh come on, you should now. At least this.

Bhavna: should I? We shall talk some thing else na?

Me: No. now you should say this. It is my Order.

Bhavna: Hmmm, Please?

Me: Am I not your friend? ;)

Bhavna: No :P

Me: So rude …

Bhavna: hahaa :)

Me: Tellllllllllll

Bhavna: But after telling that, you should not come and meet me and all. Okay?

Me: One more thing to say, you are creepy today. You are talking like you know me and all. What’s the matter?

Bhavna: Nothing. Just ;)

Me: So, tell the place.

Bhanva: hmm, I am from Banglaore.

Me: what?

Bhavna: Don’t tell me you are also from Bangalore …

Me: Damn, yes. I am. This is my native.

Bhavna: :)

Me: Now you know what?

Bhavna: hmm what ?

Me: you are gonna meet me tomorrow.

Bhavna: No way. Get lost.

Me: Nothing doing. Tell me which place will be near to you?

Bhavna: Oh. You go and see your GF. Leave me. :P

Me: That I will do. First you.

Bhavna: No first GF. Next me.

Me: Shut up. I know what to do.

Bhavna: :(

Me: So, tell the place.

Bhavna: No way. I shouldn’t have said this to you.

Me: :(

Just a coffee .. Please ?


It’s ok. Leave. We don’t need to meet.

You carry on. I am going to bed. Bye.

~5 minutes over~

You are still online, why are you not replying?


~10 minutes over~

Ok.. Bye .Good night.

Bhavna: Good night :)

Me: You are there and you didn’t reply. Great.

Bhavna: Sorry.

Me: Let it be. Bye.

Bhavna: Are you angry on me?

Me: No. why should I? You are after all a stranger. I don’t need to.

Bhavna: I know you are. I said sorry na.

Me: Keep it with yourself. Bye.

Bhavna: Ok wait.

Me: now what?

Bhavna: Answer me some questions and then we can decide what to do.

Me: Like what?

Bhavna: After your break up, did you ever tried to call her?

Me: now what this has to do with us?

Bhavna: Just tell now.

Me: Yes once.

Bhavna: Sure? You should not lie to me.

Me: I am not lying. It happened today only. Mom tried to call her.

Bhavna: ok. Do you Love her?

Me: Uff… Yes I do. What next ?

Bhavna: Answer properly. Yes or no. From heart

Me: Yes. I do.

Bhavna: Ok. one last thing.

Me: still more? Shoot.

Bhavna: Is your name Raghav?

Me: I am sorry. My name is Karan.

Bhavna: See, you liar. How do you expect me to trust you when we meet?

Me: Forget about it.

Bhavna: So you don’t wanna meet me tomorrow? You don’t wanna know how I look?

Me: I don’t need. As a friend, I asked you. But you didn’t respond properly. I don’t like to beg for anything in life.

Bhavna: Ok ok. I know.

Me: what?

Bhavna: hmm nothing. We shall meet tomorrow.

Me: Are you nuts?

Bhavna: No why? :P

Me: when I asked you, you rejected. When I was forcing you, you became silent and now you want to meet me. I don’t understand you.

Bhavna: I will tell you all about that tomorrow.

Me: And when you say we can meet, why should I give in?

Bhavna: Ok. Leave it. We don’t need to meet :)

Me: Ok ok .. Lets meet :) Where ?

Bhavna: McDonald, Garuda Mall, 11 am,.

Me: ok .


There is no McDonald in Garuda Mall.

Bhavna: hahaha :) I know . Just kidding.

Me: So, are we meeting or not?

Bhavna: Yeah, McDonald, MG Road. Fine for you?

Me: Please suggest some other place.

Bhavna: why?

Me: I don’t wanna go there again.

Bhavna: I want to meet you there only.

Me: why are you so adamant now? Change the place.

Bhavna: are you meeting me or not?

Me: Ok whatever.

Bhavna: Hmmm, that’s like a good boy :)

I got up early and I was ready to meet her. I was not in love or anything. I just wanted to meet her. That’s what I was doing. I wanted to meet someone new in life. And I reached McD at 11am exactly.

“How am I supposed to find her? She didn’t even give her number too. I don’t even know how she looks. Simply, a stupid plan I say. Will she come? ” I thought.

This was the same place where I met Sapna for the last time. And today, I came to meet her, Bhavna. Time changes everything. May be they were right, “Give time, time”. Everything will be perfect.

I looked around the floor; there was no one who was sitting alone there. So with anticipation I went to the first floor. And there was a girl with a rose in her hand and she was the only one sitting alone there. I thought why would Bhavna come and meet me with a rose. So, I ignored her. I was about to turn back then that girl turned her face towards me and she looked at me. We both were lost in our memories. It was not Bhavna sitting there, It was  Sapna.

“How did she know that I will be coming here? Who told her? Did she forgive me for my mistakes? How come I am meeting her all of a sudden? Where is Bhavna?” I thought

She came towards me. And we both were looking at each other. I was in tears and I could see tears in her eyes too. I wanted to talk, but I couldn’t. I felt helpless. I started shivering. And then, she went on her knees with placing the rose in front of me.

And she started telling,

“Forgive me for not understanding you. Forgive me for leaving you alone. Forgive me for everything. I was mad. I didn’t believe you. I trusted my friends. They cheated me. They told me everything wrong about you. I went on believing them. I should have talked to you. I should have believed you. I should have trusted you. I know I was wrong. I know I was mad. Will you love me the way you did? Will you care for me the way you always did? I always love you. I will always love you. Love you, please be with me. I will never do this again. I will never doubt on you. If I ever did, slap me and talk to me. Don’t go away from me. And now why are silent, tell something please. My knees are paining”, she completed.

I looked around; everyone who was sitting in their table stood up and was staring at me. I was feeling embarrassed. And then I looked at her. She was still there on her knees and rose in her hand. I went on my knees too and took the rose and held her hands and said “I love you. I missed you so much. Please don’t leave me again. I can’t handle this one more time in my life. And I kissed on her forehead. And said I love you.”

We hugged each other. There were claps all over and we became the centre of attraction. We went to the table and sat down.

Then I asked her,

Me:  how do you know that I will be here?

Sapna: any guess?

Me: Just tell me. I can’t wait.

Sapna: Bhavna.

Me: you know her?

Sapna: It was me Dumbo.

Me: what the …

Sapna: Ok ok Chill. I too didn’t know that it was you to whom I was talking to till yesterday. Do you remember, you told me that the reason for your break up was something related to an incident which happened in your friend’s house? Added to that when you told my birth date and finally when I asked your real name, I was all clear that it was you. That’s why I was so adamant in meeting you here only.

She gave a smile that can break my heart for ever. She was looking beautiful today. Her eyes were full of love. She was mine again. That’s all I wanted. I have my love back in my life.

Love never dies. I kissed her again. Kissed on her Lips, I didn’t care about the people around there. My happiness was uncontrollable. And then I asked her to come home. She was excited to meet Mom. We went home and I introduced her to my Mom. Mom was so shocked to see her first, but was glad that I was back with her. My Life was good.

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      Thank you Shubheksha :)

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    December 18, 2011 at 4:42 AM

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    It is a seriously nicely written small story .. whn i started reading it.. i finished in few mins.. was expecting more …. the ending is pretty good… The conversation between both of them was perfect.

    • August 31, 2011 at 10:33 PM

      Thank you so much Nainsi.
      The conversation was one thing which I was trying hard to crack… after getting all your responses, I am glad I did a good work :)

  7. Himani
    August 30, 2011 at 7:26 PM

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      Woah !! Thanks Himani …
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        September 1, 2011 at 1:00 AM

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    August 30, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    Hi Senthil, This is an awesome writeup.. Excellent narration. Honeslty, I guessed the ending too early, but it didnt stop me from enjoying the way to unfolded. Very lively, very much close to heart. Very nice.

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      Thank you soooooo much Gopinath ..
      Those words were so touching for me…. Once again thank you so much :) :)

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  12. Supreet Shetty
    August 28, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    Okay let me put the moral this way : don’t believe a girl until you meet her. And congratulations because you were good in playing both a girl and a boys role. (conversations) , hence talking to yourself. Now don’t break your head :P

    • August 28, 2011 at 7:38 PM

      Yup. That thing is there. But there are different versions of the story I wanted to write and ended up with the happy note.
      the girls conversation was the thing I tried to crack and everybody liked it. I am so happy :)

  13. Supreet Shetty
    August 28, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    Neat. You have matured as a writer. Straight to point, though predictable. Moral: Never believe a girl you meet online :P And congrats on your successful attempt on talking to yourself.

    • August 28, 2011 at 7:26 PM

      Haha, I hope so… But your Moral is not apt always, you see ;)
      And what was that talking to myself? I couldn’t get it..

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    Awwwwww… Filmy and sweet:)
    @mohit- Real life has happy endings too. Picture abhi baaki hai :P

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      hehe.. Am waiting for the Happy Ending to start then. :P

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        Don’t wait for it … You need to start the happiness on your own :)
        Doing something is better than doing nothing :P

  15. Pramod Shrivastav
    August 28, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    awesome story yaar…….but senthil i doubt that the story is not a fiction……its real….is that so??

    • August 28, 2011 at 4:35 PM

      Thanks yaar …
      Just a fiction. Nothing real in it…
      Does this looks like a real story??

      Almost every story post of mine, people link it to my Life :P So, it’s not new to me hearing this :)

  16. August 28, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    Moral of the story.. Start going to Yahoo Chat Rooms? :o Noooooo!!!! :P
    Well done, just if it was a little short :P
    And I always like happy endings, sadly they don’t happen in real life. :)

    • August 28, 2011 at 4:32 PM

      Haha Mohit, that was funny.. Hmm try the Yahoo chat rooms :) Go go :P
      Happy Endings are always a part of Life. As said, “Give time, Time” :)

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    I really liked d questioning part of Bhavna(Sapna)…..Even after she knows Raghav is Karan(almost)..she just throws up here n there questions…..(Girls, I am not saying she loves to do so….just saying that’s she) :)

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    (and )since U used Sapna n Karan again..I got confused first whether it is a continuation of ur College story :) then ok..

    • August 28, 2011 at 4:30 PM

      Thanks Balaji…
      I was breaking my head to think like a girl to write all these stuffs how a girl would behave under such circumstances… And the result is what you read :)

      Even I forgot that I used Sapna and Karan in the College post.. You still remember it.. Thanks Man !! That gave me a smile ..

  18. August 27, 2011 at 11:33 PM

    Interesting love story.. Nice narration.. Between is this real story?
    Finally Happy Endings ;)
    Loved it :)

    • August 27, 2011 at 11:38 PM

      Not a Real Story. Just a fiction.
      Thanks so much Guru :)

  19. August 27, 2011 at 11:30 PM

    nicely written :)

    • August 27, 2011 at 11:34 PM

      Thanks Shanoj :)

      • pkj
        February 4, 2013 at 10:35 PM

        Wow this is jhast like maya calender.True love never die.t c.

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