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Met your soulmate?

Have you met your soul mate? Maybe. Maybe not. May be you didn’t realize you have met.
Maybe you were too busy ignoring. 

This poetry is something I wrote when I realized the above words make sense.

What if you have found your soul mate,
And you just don’t know it yet,
Miles apart, two people come together for a reason,
That the two of you are not aware of,
But you, you will come to know,
When you know each other,
That day, you will know, you have known each other for a lifetime already,
Thus waiting to start, all over again,
Being young and being in love. 

Dedicating this post to the novel “The Bridge across Forever” By Richard Bach and a special thanks of Neha  for making me read this novel.

Categories: Poetry
  1. September 20, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    I have met my soulmate. I recognize him. may be he is still unaware.

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